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Handmade Marbles

All of these marbles are hand crafted in Yorkshire using borosilicate glass, they are made from an array of colours from North Star, Glass Alchemy, TAG & more. A variety of techniques are used to create the effects in these marbles. Some have been Silver or Gold fumed and then pulled into a vortex whilst others are bands of 2 or 3 colours which have been twisted into a curl. In some of these marbles you may find a Gilson opal or pearl sat the bottom of the marble within the vortex/galaxy design.

Using a lamp and lots and lots of heat each of these marbles has been lovingly created, taking anywhere from 45 minutes upto 120 minutes. After being made each marble is annealed in a digitally controlled kiln.

Each marble is an individual listing and there is only 1 of each available.


A pack of 10 x small acrylic marble stands in clear , the small stands measure 15mm o.d (outside diameter) x 6mm high.


A pack of 10 x large acrylic marble stands in clear , the large stands measure 32mm o.d (outside diameter) x 11mm high.

A pack of 40 x acrylic marble stands in clear , the small stands measure 15mm o.d (outside diameter) x 6mm high & the large stand are 32mm o.d x 11mm high .

This pack is 20 x small stands & 20 x large stands.

This marble has a silver mica twist/ swirl heading into the marble , backed with Northstar Galaxy .

Dia 44mm ( 1.7")

A marble with a silver mica blizzard backed with a very dark cobalt blue glass.

Dia 40mm (1.6")

This marble has a vortex of silver spiralling down to the centre , great depth and termination. Blues , yellows and aquas are all in the vortex, the back of the marble is covered with a dark blue backing colour.

Dia 38mm (1.5")

This marble has Purple dichroic sheet twisted to form a curl , different angles give different colours and shades and the marble is backed with black galaxy sparkle glass.


Dia 32mm (1.3")

This marble is backed with Northstar Galaxy, there is a slight silver pearl/ivory colour on the edge.The silver fuming is swirling , twisting and clouding.           

Dia 42mm (1.6")

A simple marble encased with Blue Blizzard , no pattern a such in the marble but the depth is great and there is interesting blizzard pattern.

Dia 36mm ( 1.3")

A blue silver fumed vortex, the vortex twists deep into the marble. Finished  with dark blue backing.

This was hard to photo and show the depth and colours in the vortex.

Dia 32mm (1.2")

This marble has silver fumed cloud that creates a deep vortex of blues and greens .The marble is backed with Northstar Galaxy sparkle glass.


Dia 36m (1.5")

A silver fumed marble , the swirl has a good twist heading off into the marble.The marble has a rainbow opal "planet" towards the base showing lots of colours.

Dia 38m

A silver fumed galaxy with great depth and a white opal planet towards the bottom ,backed with a transparent red allws light through the base .

34mm (1.2") dia

This hand crafted marble has a gold fumed vortex twisting off into the bottom of the marble , the vortex is orange, amber in colour and is backed with dark blue.

A stunning glass marble, silver fumed galaxy with blues, greens and aquas running through the marble , backed in sparkly Galaxy glass.

This marble is a fumed silver marble with swirls and great depth. , the backing is Northstar Galaxy black that sparkles.

Dia 31mm (1.2")

40mm (1.5") dia

This marble has a stunning btwist of Green/Aqua dichroic , backed with opaque mid-blue the colours change all through the marble.

Dia 40mm (1.6")

This marble has blue silver fumed twist that is twisted to form a  vortex effect to the back of the marble.


Dia 38mm (1.5")

This marble has been silver fumed creating a swirling vortex and the marble is backed with black black galaxy glass.


Dia 37mm (1.5")

This marble has a silver fumed galaxy twisting off into the marble while the blues and turquoise twisting into a vortex. There is also a "Rainbow" opal sphere in the marble which appears as as a hidden planet visable from some angles and almost invisable from others.The marble is backed with dark blue glass backing.


This is a Boro silver fumed marble , the  fuming has great turqoiuse/green depth into the marble  . The marble is backed with Northstar Galaxy for that extra sparkle.

A silver fumed galaxy marble backed with a sparkle black backing,the clouds are very different in that they are greys, off creams with a sparkle behind. 

Measures 38mm ( 1.5")

A purple and aqua dichroic twist marble folded and catches glimpses of purples and blues, backed with transparent blue.

Dia 36mm (1.3")

Dia 47mm (1.9")

This marble is a fantastic silver fumed twist with incredible blues, greens and a great termination.

34mm (1.4") dia

This marble has a silver fumed spiral twisting into the marble.Looking at the top it appears a solid fume but from the side the spiral is immeadiatly noticable. Backed with Galaxy black sparkle .