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Handmade Marbles

All of these marbles are hand crafted in Yorkshire using borosilicate glass, they are made from an array of colours from North Star, Glass Alchemy, TAG & more. A variety of techniques are used to create the effects in these marbles. Some have been Silver or Gold fumed and then pulled into a vortex whilst others are bands of 2 or 3 colours which have been twisted into a curl. In some of these marbles you may find a Gilson opal or pearl sat the bottom of the marble within the vortex/galaxy design.

Using a lamp and lots and lots of heat each of these marbles has been lovingly created, taking anywhere from 45 minutes upto 120 minutes. After being made each marble is annealed in a digitally controlled kiln.

Each marble is an individual listing and there is only 1 of each available.

Dia 41mm (1.6")

Gold dicroic swirl with the marble with a green mystry adventurine backing.

Dia 42mm (1.6")

A rainbow ribbon vortex twisting away with a gold fume wormhole in the centre backed with a swirl of khaki and purples.

Dia 44mm (1.7")

A marble with multi coloured frit inside twisted and backed with red blizzard.

Dia 41mm (1.6")

This marble is back in a pale amber transparent and in the centre has a silver fumed worm hole .


Dia 42mm (1.6")

A simple marble encased with Blue Blizzard , no pattern a such in the marble but the depth is great and there is interesting blizzard pattern.

Dia 41mm ( 1.6")

A aqua dichroic swirl marble with jet black backing and white rings.

DFia 43mm (1.61")

This marble has multi coloured dichroic ribbons swirled into a vortex backed with purple sable.

Dia 44m (1.7")

A white frit shirled marble backed with Mystry Aventurine

Dia 44m (1.7")

A silver fumed vortex with great depth backe with black.

50mm (1.9") dia

A huge marble with a sea air bubbles and silver pearls chasing throuigh it .