A stunning aqua and gold dichroic swirl encased and backed with sparkly Galaxy for added sparkle.

This little stunner was silver fumed and then twisted and twisted , from the side you can see the twists. Looking down on the marble there is briliant colour as the back is backed with dark blue.

Dia 40mm (1.5")

A really gorgeous silver fumed galaxy marble backed with a Northstar Galaxy.

This has an incredible depth and swirled galaxy to the marble with a rainbow opal inside as well..

Measures 31mm (1.2")

A silver fumed galaxy marble showing blues and aquas as the swirls goes off through to form cloud's in the  galaxy off into the distance , backed with sparkle black.

Dia 31mm (1.1")

This marble is Pink/Aqua twisted dichroic with a good deep twist , the marble is backed with Northstar Jet Black.

Dia 37mm (1.5")

Dia 37mm (1.5")

Silver Fumed swirl glass marble showing blues and aquas with a black sparkly backing.

A marble with green/aqua dichroic , as the twist catches the light it shines blues, greens and aqua, backed with Northstar Galaxy black .

Dia 38mm (1.5")