41mm (1.6") dia

A lovely marble with an aqua dichroic swirl  , hints of pink too in the right light , backed with Northstar Galaxy.

A silver dotted "Splatter" vortex design , the marble is backed in mid transparent blue,measuring 38mm (1.5")

The marble has a small air line (visible in the photo) hence the lower price.

This marble has silver smashed pattern, the silver breaking into dots and spiralling over the marble. The marble is backed with a very dark blue backing colour.

The marble has a small air bubble trapped inside hence the lower price.

Dia 32mm (1.3) This marble has silver no fume galaxy giving blues and greens in different hues and the marble is backed with galaxy glass.

A silver fumed marble showing blues and purples as the swirls goes off through to form a galaxy off into the distance , backed with black.

Dia 38mm (1.5")

A brilliant depth to this silver fumed galaxy marble with the vortex with blues and greens spiralling down into the centre of the vortex.Backed with Northstar Galaxy sparkle glass.

Measures 35mm dia (1.4")

A stunning aqua and gold dichroic swirl encased and backed with sparkly Galaxy for added sparkle.

This little stunner was silver fumed and then twisted and twisted , from the side you can see the twists. Looking down on the marble there is briliant color as the back is backed with Northstar Galaxy fopr that sparkle. Unfortunatly there was one air bubble that twisted too so there is a long air bubble around the edge of the marble making this a £25 marble instead of a £60 marble.

Dia 32mm (1.3")

A really gorgeous silver fumed galaxy marble backed with a very light green and blue.

This has an incredible depth and swirled galaxy to the marble with a rainbow opal inside as well..

Measures 35mm (1.4")

A stunning marble , silver fumed swirl/twist. There is 3 plus levelks to the twist creating the vortex and depth , backed with a very dark cobalt blue almost purple backing glass.

Measures 40mm dia (1.6")

A silver fumed galaxy marble showing blues and greens as the swirls goes off through to form a galaxy off into the distance , backed with black.

Dia 36mm (1.4")

A silver fumed galaxy marble with stunning whisps of silver fume in blues and greens , backed with galaxy black sparkle glass.
A silver fumed marble with vortex and silver pearls swirling down into the marble.

This is a silver fumed galaxy with great depth, blues and greens. The backing is a transparent blue that allows more light through the marble to highlight the fuming.

Dia 35mm (1.4")

Dia 33mm (1.3")

Silver Fumed vortex glass marble showing blues with a dark blue backing.

A marble with green/aqua dichroic , as the twist catches the light it shines blues, greens and aqua, backed with Northstar Galaxy black .

Dia 36mm (1.5")