mondays marble rainbow ribbon
A Galaxy backed marble with ribbons of rainbow dichric twisted ,measuring 42mm (1.7")

A 40mm (1.6") marble , silver fumed swirling vortex backed with Northstar Galaxy.


Dia 45mm (1.8")

This marble has silver fumed vortex giving greens and blues in different hues and the marble is backed with black glass.


A silver fumed marble showing blues and purples as the swirls goes off through to form a galaxy off into the distance , backed with black.

Dia 38mm (1.5")

A brilliant depth to this silver & gold fumed marble backed with Northstar Galaxy, the marble has a really good twist.

Measures 43mm dia (1.7")

A stunning aqua and green dichroic swirl encased and backed with sparkly Galaxy for added sparkle.

A really nice silver /gold fumed spiral marble backed with a very dark cobalt blue.

This has an incredible depth and swirled galaxy to the marble.

Measures 42mm (1.7")

A stunning marble , silver fumed swirl/twist. There is 3 plus levelks to the twist creating the vortex and depth , backed with a very dark cobalt blue almost purple backing glass.

Measures 40mm dia (1.6")