28 Silver Fume Spiral Marble

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34mm (1.4") dia

This marble has a silver fumed spiral twisting into the marble.Looking at the top it appears a solid fume but from the side the spiral is immeadiatly noticable. Backed with Galaxy black sparkle .

All of these marbles are hand crafted in Yorkshire using borosilicate glass, they are made from an array of colours from North Star, Glass Alchemy, TAG & more. A variety of techniques are used to create the effects in these marbles. Some have been Silver or Gold fumed and then pulled into a vortex whilst others are bands of 2 or 3 colours which have been twisted into a curl. In some of these marbles you may find a Gilson opal or pearl sat the bottom of the marble within the vortex/galaxy design.

dia: 4.1cm