One of the sale colours in Teresa and Beckys 1st ever sale.

Peridot (Ltd Run) 1/4 kilo

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Ltd Run colours are manufactured in extremely small quantities and might not be repeated again so the advice is always to buy as much as you can if you like it.

Peridot Ltd Run Is described as " a transparent gemstone green"

Testers reported "Peridot is a stunningly beautiful colour much like the gemstone that inspired it's name. However, don't let the gentle colour fool you into thinking that it is easy and gentle to work with. It is actually a temperamental beast that will only like being worked very slowly and VERY cool. You need to work higher up in the flame or else it bubbles and scums. You need to remember this the whole time when working as it isn't forgiving if you accidentally work fast and will put scum into your work. In essence, Peridot is a Diva. Treat her slowly and gently and her colours will sing for you and will remain clear. Treat her badly, quick and hot, and she will become temperamental and try to spoil your hard work"