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"Used" Nortel Minor Burner with "L" Shaped Marver

A used Nortel Minor Torch with "L" shaped graphite marver fitted , they have been in a studio and been used so they are in need of a clean but the ports are good and the torches are in excellent condition .

There are 4 of these torches available.

"Used" Steel Reducer Joint 150mm /100mm

A steel reducer joint for ducting/extraction , reducing from 150mm -100mm . Very clean and good condition.

"Used"Steel Reducer Joint 200mm -100mm

A steel reducer joint for ducting/extraction . Good clean steel reducing from 200mm -100mm.
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Used Extraction Hood

A used extraction hood that was traded in , it is in excellent condition ready to use.


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Used Nortel Minor Burner

This torch is a Nortel Minor , the torch offers a lovely broad flame with width that is good for soft glass .

the torch is in "used" condition after being sold to us in a studio clear out.

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Used Tool Set

A used tool set a craft hammer , a pair of mosaic/tile pliers and a heavy duty craft bladed scissors.

Used Paragon SC2 Bead Kiln Door with Window