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"Used" Kilncare BeadCube Annealing Kiln

This is a "used" Beadcube by Kilncare , these have not been made for a number of years as Kilncare focused on larger fusing kilns . There is a small amount of surface rust on the top (heat rises) but nothing that will affect the performance.The kilns comes complete with controller, instructions ,fusing shelf and thermocouple and has been tested and works excellently.

The dimensions are

Exteranl 21cm wide x 17cm deep x 21cm high

Internal chamber 12cm wide x 7cm high x 14cm deep

The door operates on a guillotine fitting leaving a mandrel lip to place the mandrels on . This kiln runs on a standard UK 3 pin plug.

"Used" Smiths Jewellery Torch

This is a "Used" Smiths Jewellery Torch , the torch was traded with an oxy-con. As far a we can tell it is genuine , the nut/tail are USA "B" fittings so we have added the connectors so you can join it straight onto a standard UK hose set.We have supplied the standard 5 torch tips with the torch.

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"Used" Stainless Steel Hemostats

This is a stainless steel hemostat which is great for holding glass rods end , marbles or beads.

They are sold as "used" as they were traded in but they have not been used and are brand new.

The tool is 240mm long

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"Used" Heart/Dress Mandrel Pack

A "used" mandrel pack containing

1 x Heart mandrel (40mm at width)

1 x "U" shape Cab mandrel, 40mm width

2 x Dress cab mandrels , 1 x 45mm width and 1 x 25mm width

"Used" Steel Reducer Joint 150mm /100mm

A steel reducer joint for ducting/extraction , reducing from 150mm -100mm . Very clean and good condition.

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Used Stainless Steel Tweezers

A "used" stainless steel tweezers , they have signs of heat on the tips but other than that are still perfect.
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Used Extraction Hood

A used extraction hood that was traded in , it is in excellent condition ready to use.

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Used Square /Triangle Cab Mandel Pack

A pack of used mandrels containing

1 x large square cab mandrel ( 50mm square)

1 x small square cab mandrel ( 20mm square)

1 x large triangle cab mandrel (40mm point to point)

1 x small triangle cab mandrel ( 25mm point to point) 



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"Used" Ceramic Shelf Pack

A "Used" Cceramic shelf pack for fusing in kilns or protecting the base of the kiln , comes with 4 rises to lift it off the kiln floor.
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"Used" Tool Sieve Pack

A "used" tool pack consisting od

1 x new enamel sieve

1 x fine tweezers used

1 x stainless rake/poker tool

1 x new 8mm blowpipe 400mm long

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Used Goldstone & Milifiore Pack "EBT"

This pack includes a used book of silver leaf, a pack of goldstone chunks , bag of millifioer 104coe , bottle of White frit and 3 small tubs of Beadysam frit.

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"Used" Hot Head Torch

A "used" Hot Head Torch.

Used Paragon SC2 Bead Kiln Door with Window

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Used 3.5bar Propane Reg, Single stage

A "used" propane regulator , single stage and adjustable from 0-3.5 bar . All the threads are in perfect condition , just the odd scratch and mark on them.

We have 2 of these in stock.

"Used"Steel Reducer Joint 200mm -100mm

A steel reducer joint for ducting/extraction . Good clean steel reducing from 200mm -100mm.