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Propane Tube Oddment 2.0mtr long

1 length of 6mm i.d propane hose , 2.0mtr long , new but just an end of roll.

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Reichenbach 94 coe "Luck of the Iris" Lumpy Chunks Oddment

Reichenbach 94coe "Luck of the Iris" lumpy chunks , this is a very special colour and size , much larger than normal frit and offers lots of opportunities.

Reichenbach Neutral Grey Grey Rods 500grms


"Used" Extraction Reducer Joint 150mm -100mm

A steel reducer joint, the joint is good clean condition and reduces from 150mm down to 100mm.

"Used" Extraction Reducer Joint 200mm -100mm

A steel reduction joint reducing from 200mm -100mm , good clean condition.

"Used"Steel Reducer Joint 200mm -100mm

A steel reducer joint for ducting/extraction . Good clean steel reducing from 200mm -100mm.

Used Paragon SC2 Bead Kiln Door with Window