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Frit Selection Pack , 5 colours

Frit selection pack of 5 colours , a nice opq pink, yellow, grey , beige.

Frit Sample Pack #7

This pack contains 9 sample bags of frit and enamel.

There is Boro Aurora 20grm , Fire Red and a mix of unknown COE and colours frit


Glass Alchemy "Agua Azul" Frit , Size 25

These are GA Boro Frit  "Agua Azul"


Glass Alchemy Boro Black Violet,102grm

These are GA Boro Frit Black strike.

Medium size 38.


Glass Alchemy Boro Frit Silver strike, 110grms

These are GA Boro Frit Silver Strike.

Medium size 38


Glass Alchemy Boro Frit Twilight, 102grms

These are GA Boro Frit Twilight

Large Size 25 frit

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Glass Alchemy Boro Frit Purple Lustre,84grm

These are Ga Boro Frits Purpe Lustre

Size Medium 38


Glass Alchemy Boro Frit Peacock Frit, 112 grm

These are GA Peacock Frit

Size 25 Medium


Glass Alchemy Boro Frit Coblat 5 Frit, 124grm

These are GA Boro Frit Cobalt 5 Frit

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Lauscha Champagne Rod Oddment 250grm

This is a pack of Lauscha glass Champagne rods , 5 in total all new and unused and 104coe.They are larger 8mm dia.

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Mixed Rods Oddment Pack,500grm

This pack is assorted opaque & transparent coloured oddments, various lengths from 30mm - 300mm long , cut and flamed ends in this assortment. 

This will be a mix of mostly 104coe Vetrofond & Effetre & CiM glass rods.

10% Saving

Northstar Frits Selection Pack,Clearance

These are Northstar frits , 4 packs of frit 10grms per colour . The colours include Cobalt Blue Small, Lucy Fine, Star White Small & Cherry Small.


Northstar Frit Selection Pack, Clearance "A"

These are Northstar Frits.

Each bag is 10grm and there is Star White small, Double Amber Purple fine, Coblat Blue small & Cherry small.

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Nabertherm MF5 Bead/Fusing Kiln

This a Nabertherm MF5 Kiln . Made from stainless steel this is a serious piece of equipment designed for heavy regular use . The door opens down. The door has a ceramic insert block that can be popped in the bead door to seal the door offering the opportunity to fuse or batch anneal . If you remove the ceramic insert the door becomes a bead door for you to place mandrels through . There is a huge bead rack inside the kiln for stacking mandrels and the kiln has a C290 controller for presetting the annealing schedules .

This kiln in the USA is over $2000 at the moment so its a massive saving.

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Plowden & Thompson Mix kilo Oddment.

Plowden & Thompson mixed rods, 8-9mm o.d and new and unused x 1000grm.

Mainly opaques but some transparents in 300mm - 500m long lengths

18 Rods in total


Plowden & Thompson Clear Grey Oddment,992grm

Plowden & Thompson Clear Grey rod, 5-7mm o.d and new and unused x 992grm.

25 rods in total


Plowden & Thompson Clear Bottle Green Oddment,1959grm

Plowden & Thompson Clear Bottle Green rod, 7-8mm o.d and new and unused x 1959grm.

25 rods in total


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Propane Tube Oddment 3.5mtr long

1 length of 6mm i.d propane hose , 3.5mtr long , new but just an end of roll.

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Reichenbach Aubergine Oddment, 175grm

This pack contains Reichenbach Aubergine , 8 rods @ 175grm.

This is 93 coe glass

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Reichenbach Opaque Rich Grey Oddment x 515grm

This is a 515grm pack of Reichenbach 104coe glass rods, Opaque Rich Grey x 26 rods approx, 3-4mm dia at 330mm long.

 This is 93coe glass

50% OFF

Reichenbach Opaque Pea Green Opaque Oddment x 232grm

This is a 232grm pack of Reichenbach 93coe glass rods,Pea Green Opaque  x 15 rods approx, 4-5mm dia at 330mm long.

 This is 93coe glass

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Reichenbach Saragosa Green Bundle 522grms

Reichenbach Pastel Blue Violet Rods 275grms

Reichenbach Neutral Grey Grey Rods 500grms


Reichenbach Iris Black Rods 300grms