Clearance Sales

 On this clearance page there is only 1 of each item unless listed more than once.

10grm Frit Selection Pack E

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is Opal Lilac, Old Rose, Hyazinth, Lavender & Copper Blue.

10grm Frit Selection Pack F

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is  Opal Lilac, Hyazinth, Old Rose, Opal Lilac & Celadon.

CiM Eel Grass Oddment Pack 150grm

CiM Eel Grass Oddment Pack 150grm x 6 complete rods , all labelled.
5% OFF

Storage Cube (with water stain)

A brand new storage cube in perfect condition apart from a water stain on one corner , this in no way affects the cubes stability or performance but we would rather sell it as (water stained)  You can use the stain side as the base so you will never know or see it .

There are 4 of these cubes available , the stain happened as the shrink wrap on the pallet had a tear in the top .

CiM Mint Chip Oddment Pack 200grm

CiM Mint Chip Oddment Pack 200grm x 8 full rods @ 330mm  long.


CiM Leaky Pen Ltd Run Oddment Pack 204grm

CiM Leaky Pen Ltd Run Oddment Pack 204grm x 9 complete rods.

Mixed Oddment Pack 500grm

This pack contains Effetre , CiM & Reichenbach rods that are all too short to be sold in traditional packs. The rods lengths vary from 170mm upto 270mm long and there are well over 40 rods per 1/2 kilo pack , you will get a fantastic assortment of mixed colours at a bargain price.


There are a few of these so buy as many as you like.

CiM Canoe Oddment Pack 124grm

CiM Canoe Oddment Pack 124grm x 7 complete rods,
50% OFF

Crystal Clear Boro Rod Oddment 40mm dia

Crystal Clear Boro rod Oddment Pack. This rod is 40mm dia x 500mm long
50% OFF

10 x Clear plastic Pots with Lid

10 x New Plastic pots with white lids , they hold 135ml and measure 59mm o.d x 57mm high.

We have a large amount of these so order as many as you want.

Borosilicate Tube Oddment 60mm x 3.2 x 800mm

Borosilicate Tube Oddment 60mm od x 3.2mm x 800mm long.

CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 88grm

CiM Emperor Ltdv Run Oddment Pack 88grm x 3 complete rods


CiM Zoe Ltd Run Oddment Pack 212grm

CiM Zoe Ltd Run Oddment Pack 212grm x 9 rods.

CiM Eel Grass Ltd Run Oddment Pack 156grm

CiM Eel Grass Ltd Run x 156grm pack of 6 rods  335mm long.

50% OFF

Effetre Seeded Pale Amber Oddment Tube

16 x tubes of BellEffetre "Seeded" pale amber tube, 5.5mm dia tube


CiM Tutu Oddment Pack 116grm

CiM Tutu Oddment Pack 116grm x 5 rods .

CiM Koala Ltd Run Oddment 118grm

CiM Koala Ltd Run Oddment pack , 118grms 7 broken rods measuring 340mm long.


CiM Siren Oddment Pack 121grm

CiM Siren Oddment Pack 121grm x 5 rods.


CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 120grm

CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 124grm x 5 complete rods.



CiM Azure Oddment Pack 68grm

CiM Azure Oddment Pack 68grm x 3 complete rods.