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 On this clearance page there is only 1 of each item unless listed more than once.

35% OFF

R's Glass Bundle

A big "Bundle" of Effetre,CiM & Reichenbach glass including Effetre Red Roof Tile 1/4 Kilo, Peral Beige Reichenbach 1/8 kilo, Effetre Ivory/Lapis Blue Light 1/4 kilo, CiM Refresh 1/4 kilo, Reichenbach Pearl Violet 1/8 kilo,Effetre Turquoise Blue 232 1/4 Kilo, CiM Frost 1/4 kilo, Effetre Mid Amber 1/4 Kilo, Effetre Teal Green 1/4 Kilo and Effetre Sand 1/8 Kilo.

The cost of this pack shpould be £51.69 but we have knocked over 30% off to sell at an amzing £33.00.


Boro Bundle Pack

A great bargain bundle of Borosilicate rods , it dosn't matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned boro worker there is something for each of you .

You get 1/2 kilo of 6mm clear rod,full rod of TAG Yellow Elvis 2nd, full rod of Glass alchemy purple Rain , 1/4 kilo of Asain transparent green, bag of Northstar Blue spruce Small Frit, 1/2 length of boro Emerald dichroic strip, full rod of TAG Red Elvis 2nd, 50grm pack of Northstar Mauvelous shorts, full rod of Northstar Cherry Odd, 1/4 kilo of Asain Silver Champange, 1/4 kilo of Asain Blueei ,1/4 kilo of Asain Jade White rods & a Glass alchemy wall poster.

10grm Frit Selection Pack B

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is Cherry Red, Pastel Blue, Dark Multi, Iris black & Aqua marine.

10grm Frit Selection Pack D

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is Crown yellow, Lavender, Copper Ruby Dark, Opal Light Green & Smoke Blue.

10grm Frit Selection Pack F

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is Crystal, Cherry Red, Iris Opal yellow, Lavender & Bronze.

10grm Frit Selection Pack G

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is Iris Violet, Lavender, Iris violet, Opla Light Green & Opal Dense Rose.
Now Only

6 x Brown Packing Tape

Six rolls of brown packing tape.


Big Bag of Silver Plated Findings

A huge big bag of silver plated findings for just £7.50. The bag weighs 250grms and includes pendants ,head pins , beadable rings , spacer bars , clasps, ear wires, clips on earrings, bangles and magnetic clasps.

Big Bag of Gold Plated Finding

A huge big bag of Gold plated findings for just £7.50. The bag weighs 250grms and includes chains ,head pins , beadable rings, jump rings , split rings , spacer bars , clasps ear wires, clips on earrings and magnetic clasps.
50% OFF

Boro Rod 8mm Oddment x 230mm long

This is a 8mm o.d rod x 230mm long. Unused and in great condition apart from each rod will carry a flame crack 10mm from the end. Appro 30 rods , 761grms.

Boro Tube Oddment 36mm x 2.8mm x 640mm long

A length of Boro Tube measuring 36mm x 2.8mm wall x 640mm long, all new and unused.

Boro Tube Oddment 54mm x 1.8mm wall x 1100mm long

A good clean unused boro tube measuriung 54mm x 1.8mm wall x 1100mm long

Boro Tube Oddment Tube 36mm x 2.8mm x 750mm long

A boro Tube measuring 36mm o.d x 2.8mm wall x 750mm long , new and unused.

Boro Tube 46mm x 1.6mm wall x 434mm long Oddment

A Boro Tube Oddment 46mm x 1.6mm x 434mm long good clean tube weighing 206grm

Boro Tube 50mm x 5mm Oddment

This boro tube is 50mm o.d x 5mm wall and is 430mm long , clean and good condition.


Boro Tube 54mm x 1.8mm Oddment Pack

1 x Boro Tube 54mm diax 1.8mm wall  x 2200mm long


50% OFF

Boro Tube Oddment 50mm x 5.0mm x 1500mm long

Good clean borosilicate tube measuring 50mm o.d x 5.0mm x 1500mm long . The end of the tube has been carcked and chipped on delivery so there will be between 100mm -150mm broken on the end , hence a 50% discount on the normal retail price.

50% OFF

Boro Tube Oddment 50mm x 5.0mm x 900grm

A Boro tube 50mm x 5.0mm x 900mm long  ,good clean tube.

50% OFF

Boro Tube Oddment 60mm x 3.2mm wall x 500mm long

A piece of Borosilicate tubing 60mm o.d x 3.2m wall x 500mm long, good clean tubing .

Boro Tubes 30mm x 2.0mm x 758grms

Boro tubes 30mm x 2.0mm wall x 480mm - 600mm long, good clean unused tube.5 tubes in total.