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 On this clearance page there is only 1 of each item unless listed more than once.

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New "Demo" 10ltr Oxy-con


Reconditioned 5ltr "Used" NEW Oxy-Con

A 5ltr oxy-con that has come in to us as a trade in , low hours as it has just 1903 hours on the clock , we have serviced it and it runs perfectly. This would be perfect for a Minor , Alpha or a Smiths Little Torch or join it on your system for more power for even bigger torches.

10grm Frit Selection Pack B

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is Opal Dense Rose, Sea Green , Honey Yellow, Middle Blue & Soft Violet.

10grm Frit Selection Pack D

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is Middle Blue , Opla Lilac, Iris Orange Powder, Beryl Green & Lavender.

10grm Frit Selection Pack E

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is Iris Opal Yellow,Opal Lilac,Ivory, Opla Light Green  & Montana Blue.

10grm Frit Selection Pack F

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is  Dark Violet Blue, Soft Rose, Jade Green,Laveneder & Iris Dark Brown.

10grm Frit Selection Pack G

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is Iris Orange Powder, Iris Blue, Opal Dense Rose, Pastel Blue & Clear.

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6 x Brown Packing Tape

Six rolls of brown packing tape.

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BeadSmith Pliers Set New

This is a 3 pack of BeadSmith pliers , round nose, side cutters and chain nose.Perfect condition.


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Boro Rod Oddment 22mm, 14mm , 9mm o.d

A good clean rod, 22mm, 14mm & 9mm o.d x 400mm - 600mm long.

Boro Tube Oddment Tube 26mm x 2.8mm x 750mm long x 1 pieces

Boro Tubes measuring 26mm o.d x 2.8mm wall x 750mm long , new and unused x 1 pieces

Boro Tube 32mm o.d x 1.4mm x 690mm long "Oddment"

Boro tube 32mm x 1.4mm x 690mm long "Oddment" x 1 lengths

25% OFF

Boro Tube Assaortment, 1 kilo

A pack of glass tubes all 520mm long, this pack includes

17mm , 20mm , 24mm ,10mm , 12mm & 5mm o.d tubes.

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Boro Tube Assortment 1/2 kilo

Oddments of Boro tube , assorted sizes from 8mm-20mm in tube with lenghts varing from 500mm  long .

A really useful pratice pack.

Brass Lentil Duo Press (Used)

A brass press with a duo of lentil shapes, the lentils are 31mm dia x 12mm deep and 28mm dia x 10mm deep, sharp edged . A very useful press with both shapes.

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Brown Packing Tape

A roll of brown packing tape.

Cim Aegean Oddment Ltd Run Pack , 125grm

A "Oddment " pack of CiM Aegean , 125grms and 6 full rods.

CiM African Violet Ltd Run Oddment Pack 120grm

CiM African VioletLtd Run Oddment Pack 120rm x 5 full rods.

CiM Bewitched Oddment Pack 113grm

CiM Bewitched Oddment Pack 113grm x 5 rods .

CiM Burnt Suger Oddment 122grm

CiM Burnt Suger Oddment Pack 122grm x 4 complete rods.

CiM Byzantium Oddment Rods 118grm

This is a 118grm pack of CiM rods, Byzantium x 4 rods approx at 330mm long.


CiM Chai Oddment 246grm

CiM Oddment Pack of Chai rods 246grm , 10 full rods in total 350mm long.

CiM Charcoal /Tuxedo Oddment Pack 250grm

CiM Charcoal /Tuxedo pack of 13 complete rods.

CiM Cranberry Oddment Pack 125grm

CiM Cranberry Oddment Pack 125grm x 7 rods

CiM Desert Pink Oddment Pack 205grm

CiM Desert Pink Oddment Pack 205grm x 9 complete rods