CiM Burnt Suger Oddment 122grm

CiM Burnt Suger Oddment Pack 122grm x 4 complete rods.

CiM Byzantium Oddment Rods 118grm

This is a 118grm pack of CiM rods, Byzantium x 4 rods approx at 330mm long.


CiM Ceylon Oddment Pack 229grm

CiM Ceylon Oddment Pack 229grm x 9 rods

CiM Chai Oddment 246grm

CiM Oddment Pack of Chai rods 246grm , 10 full rods in total 350mm long.

CiM Class M Planet Oddment Pack 220grm

CiM Class M Planet Oddment Pack 220grm x 10 complete rods.

CiM Clockwork Oddment Pack 228grm

CiM Clockwork pack of 10 complete rods.

CiM Commando Oddment Pack 240grm

CiM Commando Oddment Pack 240grm x 14 rods .

CiM Eggplant Oddment Pack 79grm

CiM Eggplant Ltd Run x 79grm pack of 

3  rods  335mm long.

CiM Eggplant Oddment Pack 250grm

CiM Eggplant Oddment Pack 250grm x 9 complete rods .

CiM Emperor Oddment Pack 122grm

CiM Emperor Oddment Pack 122grm x 4 complete rods.

CiM French Blue Oddment Pack 106grm

CiM French Blue Ltd Run Oddment Pack 106grm x 7 full rods.

CiM Freman Ltd Run Oddment 250grm

CiM Freman Oddment Pack 250grm x 15 complete rods.

CiM Great Bluedini Oddment Pack 150grm

CiM Great Bluedini x 150grm pack of 6 full rods.

CiM Gypsy Oddment Pack 102grm

CiM Oddment Pack of Gypsy Rods, 102grms , 5 full rods .



CiM Heather Oddment Pack 111grm

CiM Heather Oddment Pack 111grm x  3 full rods @ 330mm  long.


CiM Heffalump Oddment Pack 250grm

CiM Heffalump Oddment Pack 250grm x 12 full rods.

Cim Loch Ness Oddment Ltd Run Pack , 214grm

A "Oddment " pack of CiM Loch Ness , 214grms and 9 full rods.

CiM Musk Oddment Pack 207grm

CiM Glass Musk x 207grm pack of 9 full rods

CiM Nursery Pink Oddment Rods 65grms

CiM Oddment pack of Nursery Pink 65grms,  4 rods in total, 330mm long all new.


CiM Ocelot Oddment 114grm

This CiM Oddment is Ocelot, 114grms and includes 6 full rods.

CiM Orange Crush Oddment Pack 200grm

CiM Orange Crush Oddment Pack 200grm x 7 complete rods

CiM Peridot Ltd Run Oddment Pack 207grm

CiM Peridot Ltd Run Oddment 207grm pack of 8 complete rods.

CiM Pistachio Ice Cream Oddment Pack 202grm

CiM Pistachio Ice Cream Oddment Pack 202grm x 9 full rods.

CiM Phoenix Oddment Pack 254grm

CiM Phoenix Oddment Pack 254grm x 13  complete rods.

This is a slighty different shade to normal Phoenix.

CiM Plum Ltd Run Oddment 198grm

  CiM Plum Ltd Run Oddment Pack 198grm x 10 complete rods.