CiM Euucalyptus Ltd Run Oddment 119grm

  CiM Eucalyptus Ltd Run Oddment Pack 119grm x 5 complete rods.

CiM Evil Queen Oddment Pack 240grm

CiM Evil Queen Oddment Pack 240grm x 7 complete rods.

CiM French Blue Oddment Pack 109grm

CiM French Blue Ltd Run Oddment Pack 109grm x 6 full rods.

CiM Gypsy Oddment Pack 102grm

CiM Oddment Pack of Gypsy Rods, 102grms , 5 full rods .



CiM Heffalump Ltd Run Oddment 88grm

  CiM Heffalump Ltd Run Oddment Pack 88grm x 3 complete rods and 1 1/2 long rod.

CiM Limeade Ltd Run Oddment 112grm

CiM Limeade Ltd Run Oddment pack , 112grms 5 rods measuring 340mm long.

CiM Mermaid Oddment Pack 232grm

CiM Mermaid Oddment Pack 231grm x 9 complete rods.

CiM Nursery Pink Oddment Pack 125grm

CiM Nursery Pink Oddment Pack 125grm x 7 rods


CiM Pachyderm Ltd Run Oddment Pack 110grm

CiM Pachyderm Ltd Run Oddment 110grm pack of 5 complete rods.

CiM Purple Haze Oddment 250grm

This CiM Oddment is Purple Haze , 250grms and includes 13 full rods.

CiM Purple Haze Ltd Run Oddment 125grm

CiM Purple Haze Oddment Pack 125grm x 7 complete rods.

CiM Stonewashed Oddment Pack 122grm

CiM Stonewashed Oddment Pack 122grm x 5 full rods.

CiM Troll Oddment Pack 140grm

CiM Troll Oddment Pack 140grm x 7 rods.

CiM Tutu Oddment Pack 52grm

CiM Tutu Oddment 52grm with a total of 2 rods.

CiM Vampire Oddment Pack 108grm

CiM Vampire Oddment Pack 108grm x 5 complete rods.

CiM Watermelon Oddment Pack 120grm

CiM Watermelon Oddment Pack 120grm x 6 complete rods,
50% OFF

Crystal Clear Boro Rod Oddment 40mm dia

Crystal Clear Boro rod Oddment Pack. This rod is 40mm dia x 500mm long

Jewellery Anvil

A new metal jewellery anvil.

Metal Snipping Tool and Wire

A roll of jewellery & hobby wire silver plated 0.4mm dia x 20 mtrs, a metal snipping tool and a metal 6" ,15cm ruler(brand new)
50% OFF

Mixed Short Rods Oddment Pack,500grm

This pack is assorted opaque & transparent coloured oddments, various lengths from 30mm - 300mm long , cut and flamed ends in this assortment. 

This will be a mix of mostly 104coe Vetrofond & Effetre & CiM glass rods.

Mystic Green Frit Oddment 36gm Not so Big Chunks

This is a 36grm bag of Reichenbach COE 94-96 Mystic Green frit .Larger than the normal frit these chunks are 4mm -6mm in size

Mystic Green Frit Oddment 20grm Big Chunks

This is a 20grm bag of Reichenbach COE 94-96 Mystic Green frit .Larger than the normal frit these chunks are 8mm -12mm in size.

Northstar Shorts Boro Rods Pink Odd

These are Northstar Boro Rods , Pink Odd.

When we first started selling Northstar Boro we cut rods to shorter lengths of 250mm/260mm and sold by weight, we quickly realised that most glassblowers wanted longer rods and so spent time sealing them back together .These rods are those shorter packs , all are 50grm packs and have 3-4 rods in each pack at 250mm-260mm long.

Clean and unused we are discounting them by 35% .

50% OFF

Reichenbach 94 coe "Luck of the Iris" Lumpy Chunks Oddment

Reichenbach 94coe "Luck of the Iris" lumpy chunks , this is a very special colour and size , much larger than normal frit and offers lots of opportunities.

TB1 Tibetan Silver Beads

Tibetan Silver is a fantastic looking and heavy bead although we can not offer a silver % they will not tarnish and look stunning with lampwork beads or on there own.

These butterfly beads have a hole from top to bottom and measure 11mm wide x 8mm high x 4mm thick.The bag weighs 50grm containing 32 beads approx.