CiM Glass New Colours

CiM has 10 new Ltd Run colours arriving with us in late March/early April. As soon as we have the new colours in stock we will be listing them on the website but in the meantime here are some of our testers results to tease you .

CiM Testing Oobleck


Described by CiM as an opaque neon green, this sure is a bright one! This melted like a dream in the flame, and I did notice that it appears to go different shades as you are making the bead ... but the end result was a a solid colour with out me having to do anything. 

The closest colour I have is Effetre Pea Green, but Oobleck is a brighter colour with more yellow tones. The blue in the decoration is Effetre Turquoise, the dots on Pea Green have "sunk" and the bead has more visible striations, on Oobleck the dots are more crsip and have a very fine ring around them. When I encase Pea Green I find it quite soft and I need to really slow down, I don't have this issue with Oobleck, the beads shown were encased with Effetre Yellow/Green.


A fantastic colour for your spring and summer creations, and a great addition to the 104coe colour range. Due for release Spring 2018.


Trudi x 


Another lovely colour!

CiM Testing Cotswold Blue 

Described by CiM as an opaque teal, my initial thought was that it was a bluer version of Celadon. As you can see it sits nicely with Duck Egg and  Dirty Martini.

When I added a thin strip of Dark Multicolour, I could see straight away how much this spread across the bead, and it has lighter green rings on each side. Thinking that it may have some spreading properties, I made a bead with Peace polkas but they didn't have the tell tale sinking dots. One to explore further...

The hearts on the lentils were made with Banana Cream

This melted with no issues or fussing and is a great addition to the 104 palette!

Trudi x 


just a tad in love with this one!


CiM Testing Merryweather

Described as an opal blue this sits somewhere in between Electric Ave & Poseidon. Its a very cheerful shade of blue and one I'm quite excited about ... I admit to being just a tiny bit keen on bright colours. (OK, very very keen😁).

This melted without any issues and was a joy to work with. As it's an opal colour I was keen to see how it would play with other glass, Frost is a perfect match. The first on the left is a thin layer over Frost, and the next one is a core of Merryweather encased with Frost. Both of these are light and still translucent! The next two are solid Merryweather,  the one far right with a band of EDP that also sits well without any adverse reaction! 

A gorgeous shade of blue that I predict will be a popular choice!

 Trudi x 

CiM Testing Amphibian

Described by CiM as an opaque pale slate green, this reminds me of the heritage colours you might find decorating statley homes here in the UK. It is lighter than CiM Olive and I would describe it as a light sage. 

It melted nicely with no issues at all. It contrasts well with Dirty Martini, and had no reaction with ivory. A very pretty green, one that will be popular with nature lovers!

 Trudi x