Vetrofond "Odds"

Vetrofond Glass is the smaller (less known) glass producer in Italy. These "Odd" colours are mixtures and marble colours.

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Here I have the oranges to show you side by side so you can have a direct comparison. Tomato Soup is clearly different! Orange Dreamsicle has a few creamy striations and is a touch brighter. Candy Corn has more pronounced darker orange streaks as well as thinner lighter ones. Apricot Jam has a mix of 3 oranges running through it.


All very pretty colours and fun to work with. As these are layered rods, I took the precaution of pre-heating them and had no issues using them!


Trudi x 

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Testing Vetrofond Banana Cream 

This odd colour from Vetrofond is one of my favourites! It's difficult to tell from the pictures, but if you work it right, you can get a semi sunkissed effect with this glass. 

I made my bead as normal, as this glass strikes in the flame, I cooled it for 30 seconds, and very gently struck it in sections as I wanted a slight patchy effect. This is enough to look rustic without being too patchy. To make the most of this effect I have etched them, but tumbling would be just as effective.

Trudi x 

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Vetrofond Olive Green

Quite similar to Vetrofond Agate Moss but not as reactive with silver glass.  A lovely earthy colour with no shockiness or scumming.

This colour has slight streakiness to in which you need to really melt and swirl to bring these streaks out.  An easier way to do this is to heat a largish gather on the rod then mash flat, reheat and swirl around before applying to the mandrel.

On it’s own the streaks are subtle and the hue is a very earthy one, so would sit well with other autumnal colours.

In my view is a browny-black.

Base of Olive green rolled in a earthy tone fit then encased in Effetre Super Clear 006

    1. Base of Olive green rolled in a earthy tone fit then encased in Effetre Super Clear 006.
    2. Raised Triton swirls over the top.
    3. Spacer bead - large.
    4. Spacer bead - small.
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Vetrofond Pale Pesto

A beautiful shade which sits somewhere between Ivory and Antique Ivory (both Effetre).  No shocking or spitting, melted lovely without any scumming.

f you like a look from nature such as pebbles, beach colours and pale earthy tones then this is your colour.  I really do think it is a beautiful colour.

Works well with silver glass, no browning when reduced, looks lovely with Turquoise too.


  1. Raised Triton Swirls over the top
  2. Pale Pesto over Effetre Dark Ivory
  3. Effetre Turquoise Opaque over Pale Pesto

      4.Pale Pesto encased in Effetre Super Clear


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Vetrofond Banana Cream.

 Overall verdict  A beautiful colour that was easily to melt without any spitting.  No shocking, melted lovely, felt really creamy and was easy to apply without any scumming. One of the nicest rods I have ever used for melting.

This is a striker which offers so much versatility, you can customise how light or deep you would like the colour to go.  Works well with silver glass, no browning to the colour when reduced, just a really lovely colour.


Spacer beads only  
      1. Spacer beads only  
      2. Triton raised swirls over the top
      3. Encased in Effetre Super Clear 006, lightly striked
      4. Encased in Effetre Super Clear 006, striked more than bead number 3
      5. Reichenbach Deep Black hand mixed wit Banana Cream, pulled to stringer then applied over the top of Banana Cream and melted in.
      6. Reichenbach Deep Black raised swirls over striked Banana Cream.

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