Rod of Melia 2

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1 x Rod of Melia 2

Melia 2 is a chrome-free reformulation of Melia.  A teal version of the Arke, Iris, and Iaso family. Different metallic effects are possible depending on the reduction techniques you use.  Melia 2 retains its luster under clear encasement.  An opaque Celadon Blue can develop with extended annealing, about one hour at 950F.  Lower annealing temperatures and/or shorter times maintain the transparent teal.
For all reduction techniques, cool the glass before reducing and keep the glass from overheating (turning orange).
Rainbow iridescent; use a large brush reduction flame, briefly pass the glass right through the candles, repeating until the colours develop.
Mirrored silver luster; rotate the bead further out in a reduction flame. Repeat until the desired luster is visible.
Textured satin; repeatedly pass the bead through the very farthest reaches of the reduction flame without letting the bead get hot again.