GA Blue Dream Single Rod

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A great addition to the Glass Alchemy transparent palette, Blue Dream is a vibrant bold blue that looks great sculpted and really pops.

Working Tip:Try layering Blue Dream to achieve a blue tint, or using it in thick solid sections to achieve a vibrant blue

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"Blue Dream is a vibrant and transparent blue. It is a stable WYSIWYG.
 The colour becomes more intense as the layer of thickness is built up to about 8mm or more. If thinned out to a stringer or 4mm or less, the colour becomes a lighter tint. With a higher refractive index, I use this colour mostly as solid bits and thicker tubing sections. I found it to be quite optically clear and mostly air-free. If you are a fan of Brilliant Blue, then you will love this more transparent shade of bright cobalt. It can be exposed to many flame atmospheres and working conditions without any concern.
 I would not recommend an overly heavy propane flame for a long working time, but Blue Dream seems to be quite resilient to reduction issues other cobalt’s may have. Blue Dream compliments Sno White and pairs well with Haterade, Raindrop, and GA’s other transparents" - Mike Shelbo