GA Rain Drop 125grm

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Rain Drop has a high refractive index and is reminiscent of a topaz.  For best results, this colour should be used in a neutral flame.  A fresh addition to the boro colour palette, Rain Drop adds a crisp, eye-catching element to finished work.

Working Tip: Work neutral to oxidizing for best results. A reducing flame will cause red streaking.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"Raindrop is a clean and crisp vibrant transparent blue that can be described as a shade of aquamarine.
 This colour works well hollow and solid, layered and on the surface. Rain Drop will be stable when encased in clear and the colour holds well after being blown out and stretched thin. Once the colour layer thickness is below 2mm you have a very light tint. One of my favourite uses is to veil Rain Drop over another light colour to create pastel shades.
 When used in sculptural pieces that are exposed to extremely long working times, I recommend a thin encasement of clear over the Raindrop sections. It pairs well with the transparent palette from Glass Alchemy like Haterade, Blue Dream and Grape " - Mike Shelbo