GA Cobalt-6 125grm

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Cobalt-6, 516 was one of our early releases. The darkest of the Glass Alchemy cobalt colours we were faced with, "how dark is too dark"? We had the millifiori maker and the stringer puller in mind when we developed this colour. Now one of our most popular colours, it is used by many any time they need a denser dark colour.

Working Tip: Work in neutral flame to avoid reduction (grey streaks)

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"A stiff, dense translucent cobalt blue, Cobalt-6 is so dense in colour saturation that it seems black.
 When drawn down into extremely thin threads, it will still remain a deep cobalt blue transparent. Keep Cobalt-6 in the outer region of your flame length, in a mix of gas that will not reduce the colour if used without encasement. Grey streaks or patches could develop from too much propane in your torch flame, so using a neutral flame is best.
 Cobalt-6 can be sandwiched between clear and blown out very thin while still having an intensely deep cobalt blue colour. Light transmitting through Cobalt-6 when colour layer is thin enough is very rich and pleasing" - Mike Shelbo