GA Eclipse Single Rod

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This next generation black is a true black.  When pulled down thin, it maintains a smoky black colour, versus  purple, green or blue like other blacks on the market. Described by many as “bullet proof”, Eclipse does not contain any chrome, so greying and checking are not a major concern.  If you need a more saturated black, check out Raven, 9749.

Working Tip: This colour can handle different flame atmospheres but as always, we recommend working in a neutral flame.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

“Eclipse is a dense, transparent black that can withstand long working hours and many flame atmospheres. It work smooth and melts into itself without a trace of layering.
 It is a bit stiffer than clear when blowing it out or drawing it down. Eclipse stringers are black down to 1mm when they appear to be a dense smoky transparent black.  A 2mm or 3mm thick layer of Eclipse over any tubing is enough to create the appearance of a solid black coloured tube; keeping the clear underneath helps core heat remain while you work and saves on colour versus coiled solid colour.  Reheating as many times as you want and numerous or long hours of kiln cycles don't seem to be an issue with Eclipse.  I used it inside and on the back of large marbles with great results.
 Basically it’s my new go to black. I use GA Raven all the time and now Eclipse will fill tons of those jobs where really long flame exposure time or atmosphere was previously an issue with how my black looked in the finish of the piece. Eclipse stays really black with a super gloss finish that makes it the best and most workable black I have tried in the colour palette for today's lampworker” – Mike Shelbo