GA Disco Sparkle Single Rod

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Disco Sparkle, 9958 is an exciting sparkle colour. It is a concentrated silver metallic colour in a clear base. This allows Disco Sparkle, 9958 to be mixed into almost any colour. While many people use the colour full strength, others mix it down as much as 10 parts of clear (or colour) to 1 part of Disco Sparkle, 9958. Even if using the rod full strength it is best to remix the colour prior to using for a smooth, highly reflective surface.

Working Tip:  Disco likes to be worked cool as to avoid yellowing... Treat it like a Crayon colour.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"This is the sparkle colour of all sparkle colours.
 Glass Alchemy created this colour for several reasons. It can be worked into and mixed with other colours to create your own new sparkle colours. Disco Sparkle can be worked without encasement for an extremely dense sparkle finish that is smooth to the touch but looks as though there is a textured surface. For a wide variety of uses, I melt and condense a rod of 7mm Disco Sparkle into smaller thicker sections and use a thin encasement of clear 3mm rod and redraw out to desired cane size, usually about 4mm. This leaves you with an easily workable and still very dense sparkle finish.
 Take the ratio of five inches of 7mm clear rod and a half inch of Disco Sparkle and mix thoroughly for the look of a light amount of sparkle needed to accent or encase another colour. If you plan to blow Disco Sparkle out into thin bubbles make sure to encase in clear. Disco Sparkle can also handle encasement under thick clear" - Mike Shelbo