GA Black Violet Single Rod

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Black Violet, 974 was part of Glass Alchemy's initial introduction of colours. At the time the market needed a black that did not boil and we introduced 3 new blacks to choose from. Black Violet is a deep translucent that is extremely workable, great for beads and other sculptural projects. It is popular because it flows together without transition lines, is very shiny and the surface does not easily reduce.


Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"Following closely behind Glass Alchemy Black Blue in saturation, this dense translucent black is good for several applications with different results.
 When kept 3mm or thicker, Black Violet will transmit a true manganese purple and reflect back a dense black. This colour works nicely as it melts easily and will smooth into itself without trace of where application overlaps.
 When drawn into thin stringers you can see the violet come out of the colour, and when applied thin or blown thin, this colour is a beautiful translucent shade of violet that could be described as a smoky purple" - Mike Shelbo