GA Sienna Brown Single Rod

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Sienna Brown, 864 was one of our first six colours. An elegant brown created to fit into the mostly transparent palette at the time, this colour easily falls into several colour schemes. It becomes deeper in tone, approaching black as it is melted into larger gathers.

Working Tip: Work in neutral flame to avoid reduction (black with grey wisps)

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"This transparent what you see is what you get is a warm brown, meaning it has tint of reddish amber to lighten up the colour.
 Sienna is a cinnamon brown that can be predictable and the intensity can be controlled by thickness of colour application. When drawing down into stringers you can encase solid clear or colour with Sienna and achieve a very light tint, or in blown application get an extremely subtle tint by sandwiching in clear and blowing thin.
Sienna handles just like Glass Alchemy Beryl or Glass Alchemy Cobalt 1, in the way that is holds heat well, melts into itself smoothly, and leaves no trace of where colour was layered upon itself. Great for blow in or puff and stuff manoeuvres when you need a tube of consistent colour tone to work with" - Mike Shelbo