GA Really Teally Single Rod

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Really Teally, 544 is an easy to work opaque blue that falls between Agua Azul and Peacock. This colour was designed to fill out the blue-green palette, providing the perfect colour to round out the fade.

Working Tip: Work this colour in a neutral flame.  Garage at 975° F, Anneal at 1050° F.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"This colour is a what you see is what you get opaque and falls in-line between Peacock and Agua Azul.
 The characteristics of working this colour are just what you would expect from Agua Azul. It has a slight stiffness at first when melting but like the others, it melts easily and smoothly. It will hold up well in stringers and thin blown applications. When blown and stretched thin enough Really Teally will become translucent and allow light to pass through it. Really Teally can be used with or without encasement in clear. Building up solid sections for sculptural bits shows how well the colour melts into itself and also how well it holds heat.
Really Teally is workable in all flame settings and can handle intense spot heats without concern of sublimation or boil. For getting the most bang for your buck with this colour you can sandwich it between clear layers for blown and solid applications and still yield the same density and look of colour in your finished piece. This colour compliments the rest of the opaque blue and green palette, and contrasts extremely well with Rasta Gold" - Mike Shelbo