GA Triple Passion 125grm

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Triple Passion, 786 was introduced as an easy striking amber to purple colour. Due to its formulation this colour quickly, easily and consistently strikes through a wide range of bright and delightful purples. The use of colour-changing borosilicate exploded soon after Glass Alchemy introduced this colour to the market. This is a must have in every glass studio!

Working Tip:  Get this colour white hot to erase the striking history. A variety of effects are achievable depending on how long you flame/kiln strike.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"You know it, you love it, and you can use it so many ways! Triple Passion is a striking colour full of silver goodness.
 This means that as your translucent base glass shifts from a golden yellow to amber and into purples and violets you will also see a reaction from the silver adding in blue and green and purple hues. To best understand how this will work as you make your piece, heat your colour rod to a molten state, let it cool, then with a normal working flame heat for a second at a time and pause in between to watch results. The striking happens quickly and that is why short exposure increments will yield large differences.
Encase with clear to trap lustre and pearlescent qualities. Colour layer thickness will determine final colour and ability to control finishing effects" - Mike Shelbo