GA Andromeda 125grm

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Andromeda is a striking sparkle colour that takes the Triple Passion strike and the sparkle of Paparazzi and combines them in one!

Working Tip: Work this colour like you would Triple Passion or a similar striking colour. Since this colour also has chrome it in work it in a neutral flame and garage at 975° F, Anneal at 1050° F.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

“Andromeda is a transparent green sparkle that strikes when heated to a transparent amber that will continue to strike to a deep purple, if the layer of colour is thick enough.
 In addition to the base colour there is sparkle and silver that will fume the surface of the colour as it gets worked. You can treat Andromeda similar to GA Triple Passion and use an intense, sharp flame to burn off the silver fume on the surface if you wish to show the brilliance of the sparkle in the finish of your piece. You can get a range of finishes with this colour without encasement, depending on how long the colour is worked and in what flame atmosphere. I have found that when encased in clear, Andromeda handles very well and the clear can often intensify the sparkle. If worked before encasement you can trap silver fuming off the colour and have a milky blue ghostly veil over your sparkle green or purple.
The sparkle flakes in Andromeda seem to reflect a rainbow of colour, ending in gold. The colour can be manipulated by twisting, compressing, layering and thinning the amount of colour used and how it is worked into your piece, resulting in a number of finishing looks. When kiln striking the base colour to shift into deeper colours try 1100 degrees Fahrenheit for short intervals of time until you see the desired results. Andromeda pairs well with GA Eclipse and GA Grape” – Mike Shelbo