GA Amazon Lagoon 125grm

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After first introducing information on how to strike silver colours and create metallic finishes, such as using a neutral flame and monitoring time/temperature relationships, we started to hear that some people missed the "surprise" of opening their kiln door. For all of you that fit into this category, we created Amazon Lagoon, 587. This colour was designed to put the "surprise" back into working silver borosilicate colours. Every piece will be beautiful, every piece will be different.

Working Tip: Work in neutral flame and have fun, this one is loaded with silver!

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"Amazon Lagoon is a very deep cobalt base glass packed with tons of silver.
 Encasement of the rod in clear will result in trapping pearlescent greens and blues and some golden oranges and cream yellows. Depending on working time and whether the piece is solid or blown, you will see a range of finishes and shifting of colours.
In a neutral working atmosphere the silver will come to the surface when not encased in clear. Colour ranging from dark blue to yellow green pastel will sometimes have streaks of cool colours on the surface. When your piece is done you can reduce lightly and watch the metallic finish emerge in golds, silvers, greens, bronzes and blues depending on colour layer thickness and amount of reduction given" - Mike Shelbo