GA Starry Night 125grm

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Starry Night, 4585 is a variation of the much loved Paparazzi, 4595.  We added a touch of silver so you can yield a nice mild strike, while still seeing the depth of sparkle.

Working Tip:  This colour likes to be worked cool, but make sure you have your heat base built up while tooling or manipulating the glass to avoid developing a grey haze. As with all chrome colours, we suggest you work this colour in a neutral flame.  Garage at 975° F, Anneal at 1050° F.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo

Starry Night is similar in sparkle flake, size and structure to Paparazzi and Sapphire, but has the added addition of just the right amount of silver to bring a fume like veil over the surface of your sparkle finish.  When working Starry Night you must keep the surface in mind as the silver will push out in a ghost blue transparent cloudiness. You can remove the cloudiness with an intense spot heat, or let it build up to a slightly cream coloured fume. Either way, there are loads of sparkles and possibilities for swirling silver into your pieces.  I found I liked putting a thick layer of Starry Night over a clear tube, melting it smooth, encasing it with 6mm clear rod and then melting that to either stretch down, or blow out thin.  It traps the silver fume and gives a different look to the sparkle than when it is un-encased.