GA Tree Hugger Single Rod

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Tree Hugger, 4497 is darker than Shamrock and is a bold dark green.  Like Shamrock, Tree Hugger is smooth, creamy and easy to work.
Working Tip: Work this colour in a neutral flame.  Garage at 975° F, Anneal at 1050° F.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo

"This opaque green is a shade darker than GA Shamrock and is equally as dense in saturation of the colour. It can be drawn down to a very thin stringer and still hold its true colour. It works very smooth for being such a dark green, which are often prone to stiffness. It melts easily and has no visible termination points when separated from itself. While I have had success with encasement under a thick layer of clear, I still suggest testing and experimentation when using opaque greens to check if the application works in different circumstances. GA Tree Hugger adds to the already existing ROYGBIV colour fade of opaques available from GA and is becoming more and more one of my favourite colours to sculpt with. I like to pair it with GA Agua Mist and GA Sangria.