GA Singular Passion Single Rod

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Singular Passion is the least saturated sibling in the Glass Alchemy Passion family. This colour is designed to stay in the yellow range and looks great layered over other colours. Easy to use and control, this colour is a great addition to any palette.

Working Tip: Get this colour white hot to erase the striking history. A variety of effects are achievable depending on how long you flame/kiln strike.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"This exquisite Revolution 33 graduate is the opalescent yellow I have waited for.

Singular Passion will go from transparent to opalescent or milky in colour, but stays in the golden and white-ish yellow range of colour. The result is gorgeous. I tend to like the results of Singular Passion best after a sculpture, either hollow or solid, has been worked in the flame for an hour or longer.

Kiln striking at 1050 F or higher will shift the colour when its is allowed to soak for a duration of time" - Mike Shelbo