GA Amazon Bronze Single Rod

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Henry designed this colour for Susan to look like a Japanese ceramic glaze.

Working Tip: Flame or kiln strike 1075F. Work neutral; reduce at end for metallic effects.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"The potential for variations of finishes is the best part about Amazon Bronze.

I usually work the glass in the centre of the distance between my torch tip and the end of the flame (the neutral flame zone) leaving me with a deep reddish brown. Then when the piece is completed and ready to put away I will increase propane in the flame and flash the piece in and out of the fire to bring the metallic reduction to the surface. This has yielded metallic colours ranging from a shiny copper penny to a beautiful rainbow iridescence.

You can also repeatedly kiln your finished piece at 1040F to 1100F to achieve a metallic effect, leaving a slight lustre finish of blues and purples and sometimes cream and green on top of your underlying dense browns and reds.Amazon Bronze looks awesome without being encased or underneath clear or other transparent colours" - Mike Shelbo