Oxygen Concentrator Kit with New 5ltr Oxy-Con

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This kit will include a new 5ltr oxygen concentrator. These now come with a 2 year guarantee as well as offering higher oxygen purity and a cleaner burning flame which makes your colours keep their sparkle.

This is a semi-professional set-up with the dual fuel Minor Burner, enabling you to work hotter and faster than the Hot Head.The New Oxy-Con comes with hosing to connect to the Minor Burner and will provide oxygen 24/7 (the Oxy-Con runs on  240 volts electric)

Oxygen Concentrator Kit Includes:
New 5ltr Oxygen Concentrator, (complete with two year guarantee)
Nortel Minor Burner and hosing,
a 4 bar propane regulator,
Propane flashback arrestor,
5 mtr of Propane hosing,
Torch connector,
Pair of ACE 202 Safety glasses