Bulk Fuel Hot Head Connector Kit

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The complete kit to run your Hot Head Torch off bulk propane gas.

This kit enables you to run your Hot Head torch off a bulk cylinder of propane (LPG) gas. Although Mapp gas is the preferred gas for Hot Heads the costs soon start adding up as you get more hooked on Beadmaking. Propane gas available from many garages, welding supplies, camp sites and garden centres is a close alternative to Mapp gas for your Hot Head although burning slightly lower in temperature this is not a major problem. Savings are huge by using propane as a normal 13 kilo cylinder will cost between £12 - £18.00 and will give 100 hours use. This kit contains a 3.5 bar  propane regulator, propane flashback arrestor, 5 mtr of propane hosing and the torch connector.All the kit is joined together and ready to use once you screw the cylinder on one end and the torch on the other.