Dense Slyme TAG Boro 250grm

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A 250grm pack containing an average of 6 rods.

Dense Slyme 3 is the choice when you want your Slyme to look less transparent. If, for example, you are blowing out your Slyme so thin that you lose the rich color, then Dense will look more like Slyme in that application. Or if you want to vac-stack it and have it look like Slyme after being pulled down. Or if you just want a milkier, less transparent look, then Dense Slyme 3 is the one you want. DS3 can range
from translucent to a milky semi-opaque, depending on how you work it, but is seldom fully-transparent. Work
cooler to keep Slyme more opaque, with a soft reducing flame. This also
prevents reboil and scumming. Always work Slyme, Dense Slyme 3 and Satin Slyme in a REDUCING FLAME, especially in the beginning when its cold. If you are getting significant scumming, turn down the oxy.