Eezzy-Jewellery Cabochon Kit

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To watch our video on youtube on how to use the Eezzy Jewellery system click on this link

A kit including  everything you need to make glass cabochon ring  jewellery . The kit includes 1 x threaded mandrel, 1 x large cab disc shape, 1 x bag of 24 threaded nuts and 3 x chrome plated finger rings in 16mm , 17mm & 20mm.

The instructions for use are very simply. Thread the large 40mm cab disc shape onto the threaded mandrel(the disc is threaded) and dip in bead release . Clean the exposed thread and then screw on a nut. Make your glass ring cab topper by ading glass directly to the cab disc and allow to cool. Once cool the mandrel will unscrew from the glass cab and disc, once unscrewed the glass cab will pull off away from the metal disc leaving the nut inside the glass cab , clean the back of the cab and thread onto a ring.