Eezzy-Jewellery Mandrel

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To watch our video on youtube on how to use the Eezzy Jewellery system click on this link

This mandrel is part of the Eezzy-Jewellery range and is threaded at both ends to take the shaped mandrels. Measuring 235mm long x 5mm dia it is made from stainless steel.

To make your cabochon jewellery you will need a mandrel, cab shape and nuts. You thread the cab shape onto the mandrel and then dip in bead elease, remove the bead release from the thread before it drys and add the threaded nut. You can then make your cabochon directly onto the cab shape and the nut will stay sealed in the cabochon allowing you to thread the can on to a ring after removing from the  cab shape/mandrel and cleaning the back.