8ltr Reconditioned Oxygen Concentrator

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Our new Nuvo 8 reconditioned oxy-cons are perfect for running a standard Minor /Alpha torch as well as a Smiths Little Torch together.

You will also have amazing power when running a single Minor/Alpha or Mega Minor as that extra oxygen will open up possibilities for larger boro marbles and sculptures.

Oxy-con with 12 month guarantee

Will run with Minor,Mega Minor, Bobcat , Cricket, Alpha,Smiths,Mini CC and Beta Torches and offer a stronger more powerful flame than a standard 5ltr oxy-con which will be better if you want to move onto borosilicate glass.

This is the oxy-con has been reconditioned in our workshops in Yorkshire,new filters and cooling fans have been fitted and we run them on one of our torches for at least 5 hours.There is a 12 month guarantee, and our usual friendly support, you can ring us if you have any queries.The hoses to attach from the oxy-con to your torch are included.  Next you have to just plug it in to a socket, push the on button and it will beep for a few seconds and you are ready to use it ,the yellow light may stay on but you don't have to worry about that.