Oxygen Concentrator with Smiths Little Torch Connector

  • Description

Oxy-con with 12 month guarantee

Will run the jewellers "Smiths" Little Torch and has the oxygen hose connector to attach to the UK threads on the torch.

There is small delay in all reconditioned oxy-con orders presently due to high demand. We expect to ship your order within 10-15 working days after receiving your order .

This is the oxy-con these have been overhauled, new filters have been put in and we run them on one of our torches for at least 5 hours.There is a 12 month guarantee, and our usual friendly support, you can ring us if you have any queries.The hoses to attach from the oxy-con to the Smiths Little Torch are included with the connector. Next you have to just plug it in to a socket, push the on button and it will beep for a few seconds and you are ready to use it ,the yellow light may stay on but you don't have to worry about that.               


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