Bethlehem Champion Burner

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 This is a special order torch and will normally take 20-30 days to arrange production and delivery although please allow upto 60 days depending on the time of year and Bethlehems production schedule.

Introducing the new Champion bench burner, a reconfigured take on our popular PM2D model. Create larger, more complex pieces with this new stainless steel powerhouse without losing the ability to create intricate details. Featuring a new ball-bearing scroll mechanism that provides smooth adjustments and automatically locks the torch at the desired angle, the torch is ideal for standing and sitting artists alike. Experience a full-capability torch with Bethlehem’s hottest and largest outer fire flame, while maintaining control and precision with a pinpoint centre fire.

The centre torch has 6 jets for fine detail work while the outer fire has 30 jets , ideal for boro rod up to 44mm dia  & borosilicate tubing  to 80mm dia and all your soft glass needs .Marble makers will love it but it will need either oxygen cylinders or 6 reconditioned oxy-cons or 3 new 10ltr oxy-cons to run.

You will also need an oxygen splitter and propane splitter to run this torch as there are two oxygen and propane hoses running to the torch.