The Ultimate Hot Head Kit (Clip On/Flip Up Safety Glasses)

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Everything you need to get you going with a Hot Head on bulk propane gas.

This kit supplies you with everything we can think of to get you started with a Hot Head Torch and Beadmaking . The kit includes a Hot Head Torch , bench bracket to secure it to your worktop,a bulk propane kit including regulator, flashback and hose to run the torch on economical propane gas .Also included is a sheet of fibre blanket for cooling the beads, large fusion bead release, 24 x mandrels, tub of frit, tweezers,stainless steel rake, large graphite paddle, 2 kilos of assorted Effetre opaque and transparent glass rods( approx 100 rods), dual marver and a pair of clip on "Flip Up/Clip On" glasses that will comfortable fit on your normal reading glasses that you might have to wear in everyday use .