Reichenbach Frits

All our Reichenbach frits are K1 size ( 1-2.4mm ) frit .All are supplied in a clean grip seal bag with label.The pictures on these pages are used to show the colours of the frit only. All these frits are Reichenbach which is a 94-96 coe , they can be used as a surface decoration with 104coe glass .

Stainless Steel Frit Smasher


Clear 0.5mm Fine Powder

Iris Orange 0.5mm Powder

A very fine powder ideal as a decoration on beads to use as a dusting.

Effetre Bluestone Frit

A 104 Effetre bluestone frit.

Enamel White Light Frit

Enamel White Light Opaque Frit

Crown Yellow Frit

Crown Yellow opaque frit

Enamel White Frit

Enamel White opaque Frit

Celadon Green Frit

Celadon Green opaque Frit

Lilac Red Frit

Lilac red opaque frit

Gold Ruby Extra Frit

Gold Ruby Extra Frit


£2.50 per bag

Pastel Blue Frit

Pastel Blue Opaque frit

Flamingo Frit

Flamingo opaque frit

Opal White Frit

Opal White opaque frit

Soft Violet Frit

Soft Violet Opaque frit

Iris Yellow Frit

Iris Yellow striking frit

Ivory Frit

Ivory Frit


£2.50 per 75grm bag

Mint Green Frit

Mint Green Opaque frit

Opal Lilac Frit

Opal  Lilac Opaque Frit

Silver Crystal Frit

Silver Crystal Frit


£2.50 per bag


Brilliant Ruby Frit

Brilliant Ruby Frit


£2.50 per bag