Kalypso Medium Frit

A reduction & striking colour.

Rod of Kalypso

Terra2 Glass Rods

It's Back

Rod of Terra2

It's Back

Clio Glass Rods

Rod of Clio

Rod of Pandora2

The brand new colour from Double Helix that has been reformulated to better resist flame striking than the original.


Ekho Glass Rods

Ekho Medium Frit

A striking & reduction colour.

Rod of Ekho

Aurae Glass Rods

A pack of 113grm glass rods containing approx 7 rods



Aurae Coarse Frit

A reduction colour.

Rod of Aurae

A single rod .

Khaos Glass Rods

Rod of Khaos

Khaos Medium Frit

A striking colour.

Triton Glass Rods

Clio Coarse Frit

A striking & reduction colour.

Rod of Triton

Aion 2 Glass Rods