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A String of Beads

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A String of Beads by Pauline Holt,Jazzy Lily.

Glass Bead Trip

The new book by artist Claudia Trimbur Pagel.Signed books.


Produced by Miriam Steger and Maria Louisa Wessels


Produced by Miriam Steger-van der Schrieck ,Book 2



GBUK Journal Issue 6

Published by GBUK for 2013. Normally this is only available to GBUK members and is limited to a very small print.We have been allowed to sell this stunning record of GBUK members creations.

Spotlight on Magic Colour Reactions

The "Spotlight On " series was designed and produced by the great Corina Tettinger , to be added to and used alongside your "Passing the Flame " book.Each booklet contains full colour photographs and tutorials on the title subject by leading artists .

You Can Make Glass Beads

Bead making Book