Effetre Opalino Glass Rods

We stock a very large range of Effetre glass rods. We believe that this Italian glass offers the best colour range and is the best to work with. Our opaque glass rods are 5-6mm dia and opaque rods are 4-5mm dia.

There will be between 45-50 rods in an opaque kilo,20-25 in half a kilo and
10-15 in a 1/4 kilo. The rods are 30cm long,

Effetre glass is commonly known as Morretti in the U.S. Available in 1/4 kilo, 1/2 kilo or kilo packs


591504 Opalino White 1/4 kilo

1/4 kilo of Opalino White glass rods 591504

591516 Opalino Green Nile 1/4 kilo

1/4 kilo of Opalino Green Nile glass rods 591516

591520 Opalino Grass Green 1/4 kilo


591528 Opalino Periwinkle 1/4 kilo

1/4 kilo of Opalino Periwinkle glass rods 591528

591536 Opalino Carnelian 1/4 kilo

1/4 kilo of Opalino Carnelian glass rods 591536