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Holding and Grabbing Tools

This section includes all the tools you need to hold glass rods , vessel and marbles as well as grab.


Italian Style Rod Holder

a stainless steel rod holder capab;le of holding rods from 2mm -14mm in dia . The tool is 30cm long and helps you use up all the short length to short to hold with your fingers.


Heat Resistant Tongs

These tongs are perfect for holding hot items when transferring them to the kiln or for holding blown beads while removing them from the blowpipe , they are more delicate on the glass than hot fingers and will cause less stress as they are gentle on the glass. Measuring 24cm long they a nice compact size.

Angled Tweezers


Tube/Rod Roller Tool

Launched at Flame Off 2017

Tube/Rod Roller Tool

Tungsten Tweezers Straight

Perfect for working in the flame as the tungsten will not stick to the glass.

Tungsten Tweezers Bent

Perfect for working in the flame as the tungsten will not stick to the glass.

Vessel & Marble Grabber

1" -1 3/4" sprung marble and vessel grabber.

Stainless Steel Tweezers

Stainless Steel tweezers

Stainless Steel Haemostatic

Stainless Steel Haemostatic with a Grooved End

Stainless Steel Mashers


Stainless Steel Masher Tweezer

Stainless Steel Stamp Tweezer  5-7mm width on the stamp head, 12cm length


3rd Hand Tool

The 3rd hand will hold upto 5 rods at a time and is 270mm wide with adjustable height and angle.It is finished in black and is made of 100% metal . 


Pin Vice

Multi-use tool.

Both ends have a separate collet which can be swapped, one end is up to 1mm and the other is up to 2.6mm.