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Glow in Dark Pigment Powder



Glow Powder Yellow/Green

Glow powder has no COE so works with either soft glass or borosilicate . You can roll your pendant/bead or tube through the powder while hot to pick up an even coating ( knock off surplus) and can then either melt it into the glass surface or encase with clear, pulled into stringers it can be placed on your creation and create delicate patterns . After annealing allow the item to see the sunlight for a few minutes and then it glow in the dark.

Glow Pigment-Yellow by CBS

Glow Pigment Yellow  

The picture shows samples we made using the powder . The bauble and rod were rolled through the powder while the pendant and stringers have the powder encased, its very easy to work with and has no COE so its perfect for both boro and soft glass.                                             

1 ounce of 100% glow pigment in Yellow that has not been diluted with any glass powders or fillers, making this the go-to glow pigment for every artist, and works with ANY COE, and can be used in glass blowing, fusing, casting, lamp working and even borosilicate artwork. Both the video and helpful fusing schedules, mixing ratios, and frequently asked questions can be found on the video link below.