Northstar Boro Jade Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Jade

Northstar Boro Irrid Full Rod

NS-014 Irrid is the least saturated of the transparent striking colours. When oxidized it produces a silvery transparent metallic blue. When reduced, NS-014 Irrid turns a light sea green colour. Irrid can be worked hot and is another forgiving striking colour. Try layering it over an opaque to yield new effects.

Northstar Boro Ice Blue Odd Full Rod

NS-070 Ice Blue is a lush copper blue that has an unrivalled eye catching appeal. It is a light transparent colour but it adds great optical depth even in thin layers. It is not suitable for stringers or cane work, but it is great for sculpture and blown work. Its effect as an overlay colour is impressive. When added over NS-045 Blue Moon, it produces a very appealing blue! To keep Ice Blue from dulling or discolouring, work in an oxidizing flame. If worked in a neutral to reducing flame the colour will darken and develop reddish brown striations in the body of the glass

Northstar Boro Green Exotic Small Frit 50grm

Northstar Small Green Exotic Fit.

Northstar Boro Green Amber/Purple Full Rod

Green Amber/Purple First,

NS-069 Green Amber/Purple is the most intense and exciting of the Northstar Amber/Purple family. It reacts quickly and produces the lushest purplish blue strike. NS-069 Green Amber/Purple is the most intense and exciting of the Northstar Amber/Purple family. It reacts quickly and produces the lushest purplish blue strike. It can range in colour from a pale silvery blue to an opaque to a sea green all the way to cloudy grey. It is well  suited for flame striking and produces wonderful results. Because it is so intense be sure to keep a hot oxidizing flame set. Reduction will affect the strike. Try it over NS-054 Star White. Another excellent combination is NS-005 Orange hobnails over the surface of NS-069 Green Amber/Purple. There is a lot you can do with this colour have fun exploring.

Northstar Boro Goldenrod Full Rod

Goldenrod First,

NS-084 Goldenrod is a bright, saturated intense opaque dark yellow. It is well suited for stringer application and thin blown work. It is not terribly sensitive to flame chemistry but stay out of overly reducing flames. Goldenrod however is heat sensitive so it must be worked carefully to prevent boiling. Encasing with clear is another method to shielding the colour, but not necessary. Canary can be easily worked on the surface and will not boil or scar if worked carefully in a soft flame. For a nice colour effect layer NS-013 Amber/Purple over NS-084 Goldenrod.


Northstar Boro Galaxy Full Rod

NS-152 Galaxy is the first collaborative effort between Northstar Glass & Trautman Art Glass to produce a new colour in rod. This colour was formulated from the iconic NS-125 Jet Black base along with the amazing sparkle from the TAG Stardust family. Very durable & easy to use with a beautiful balance of dense black and heavy sparkle. Safe for encasement, though not recommended for millefiori or deep encasement. Use an oxidizing flame to prevent any grey streaks caused from reductive environment.

Northstar Boro Forest Green Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Forest Green


Northstar Boro Extra Light Yellow Odd Full Rod

A lighter version of NS-009 yellow. It produces a warm hazy glow when reduced or kilned.

Northstar Boro Extra Light Yellow 50grm

Extra Light Yellow First,

NS-034 Extra Light Yellow is a diluted version of NS-009 Yellow. It can be worked in virtually any flame without the colour being affected. It is great for sculpture and as an overlay. By adding Extra Light Yellow over opaque colours a bluish hazy glow is added to the piece. Try it over NS-033 Turbo Cobalt!


Northstar Boro Exp 91 Juno Full Rod

Exp. #91 Juno is a teal green similar to the older Experimental #29 (B) .This glass is flame stable, near air free experiment new to Abe’s Vault. The goal with this colour is to minimize the livering effect caused by copper in the glass being exposed to a reducing atmosphere of a propane rich flame. We believed that this colour will be sought after due to this quality as well as its highly refractive beautiful gem like sea-green hue.

Northstar Boro Exp 70 Cadmium Blood red Transitional Full Rod

Experiment #70 is an effort to produce a dark cadmium red to pair nicely along with Northstar’s current cadmium palette. This glass presents a saturated blood red tone while retaining a smooth workability. As a cadmium glass, we recommend letting the heat sink in to prevent boiling. Perfect for stinger work, encasements, such as line tubing, cane or millefiori & much more. We encourage you as the artist to share your results as we hope to continue to produce this red. Thanks

Northstar Boro Exp 60 Light Cadmium Full Rod

Experiment #60 is a Gaffer X Northstar collaboration to produce a more workable cadmium red. These rods are a Light cadmium red with light red streaks and or light red core. This glass has less cadmium content making them easier to use in variety of flame environments.

Northstar Boro Double Amber Purple Small Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Double Amber /Purple

Northstar Boro Double Amber Purple Full Rod

Double Amber Purple First,

NS-026 Double Amber/Purple is the more intense version of NS-013 Amber/Purple. It produces the most exciting metallic purples and vermilions. It behaves similarly in the flame as regular Amber/Purple but because of its greater intensity more care has to be taken to prevent reduction. Double Amber/Purple can be stretched further and can be blown relatively thin without losing the vibrant purple strike. Be sure to try layering Double Amber/Purple over NS-081 Blue Caramel.


Northstar Boro Double Amber Purple Finer Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Double Amber Purple.

Northstar Boro Dark Orange 50grm

Dark Orange First,

NS-006 Dark Orange is a more saturated version of NS-005 Orange. It is well suited for thin blown work, cane work, or when a deep semi-opaque orange is desired. Because it is more saturated, be sure to work in an oxidizing flame to prevent muddying. Due to the fact that it strikes more quickly than NS-006-Orange, NS-006 Dark Orange can be flame struck. 


Northstar Boro Dark Multi Full Rod

Dark Multi First,

NS-004 Dark Multi is the more intense version of NS-003 Multi and will yield similar effects, but much more pronounced. 


Northstar Boro Dark Mulit Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Dark Multi.

Northstar Boro Dark Muilti Small Frit

Northstar Boro Small Dark Multi Frit