Northstar Boro Dark Multi Full Rod

Dark Multi First,

NS-004 Dark Multi is the more intense version of NS-003 Multi and will yield similar effects, but much more pronounced. 


Northstar Boro Dark Mulit Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Dark Multi.

Northstar Boro Dark Muilti Small Frit

Northstar Boro Small Dark Multi Frit

Northstar Boro Dark Cobalt Full Rod

Northstar Boro Coloured Rod, Dark Cobalt First 

Northstar Boro Dark Blue Amber Purple Full Rod

A more intense version of NS-048 Light Blue Amber/Purple. Oxidize for purples. Reduce for opaque sea greens. Refer to the Amber Purple section for working information.

Northstar Boro Crystal Bliss Full Rod

Crystal Bliss First,

NS-123 Crystal Bliss is a light cobalt blue with lots of sparkle. The colour is not heat sensitive and works great. NS-123 Crystal Bliss is very light in colour and when pulled thin, the colour will fade to clear. We created NS-123 Crystal Bliss the artists that like to coat their colours with sparkle. Use an oxidizing flame to cut down on red lines of copper.

Northstar Boro Cobalt Blue Small Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Cobalt Blue

Northstar Boro Cobalt Blue Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Cobalt Blue


Northstar Boro Clear Large Frit

Northstar Crystal Clear Large Frit

Northstar Boro Clear Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Clear

Northstar Boro Cherry Small Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Cherry

Northstar Boro Cherry Full Rod

Cherry First,

NS-065 Cherry is the most eye-catching member of the intense opaque family. It is a bright candy apple red that is well suited for stringer application and blown work. Cherry is slightly sensitive to reduction, so work in a soft neutral flame. Cherry is however heat sensitive so it must be worked carefully to prevent boiling. Encasing with clear is another method to shielding the colour, but not necessary. Cherry can be easily worked on the surface and will not boil or scar if worked carefully in a soft flame. A nice colour effect to try is a layer of NS-037 Rootbeer over NS-065 Cherry.

Northstar Boro Cherry Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Cherry

Northstar Boro Canary Small Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Canary

Northstar Boro Canary Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Canary


Northstar Boro Butterscotch Full Rod

NS-041 Butterscotch is a semi opaque buttery tan colour. These rods can yield rich purplish blue tones and silver hues. When kept in a more oxidizing environment more of the blues and purples will appear. If reduced, a silvery haze will appear on the surface. Butterscotch is easy to work and can take a lot of heat making it a forgiving striking colour.

Northstar Boro Blue Thunder Full Rod

NS-122 Blue Thunder is a dark cobalt blue colour with silver. When worked in an oxidizing flame NS-122 Blue Thunder yields bright metallic blues. When worked in a neutral flame it yields bright hazy greens. When worked in a heavily reducing flame NS-122 Blue Thunder produces a nice ash grey. It is well suited for stringer application, blown work, and sculpture. NS-122 Blue Thunder is a lighter version of NS-45 Blue Moon with the same working values.

Northstar Boro Blue Spruce Small Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Blue Spruce

Northstar Boro Blue Spruce Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Blue Spruce

Northstar Boro Blue Green Full Rod

Blue Green First,

NS-038 Intense Blue Green is the more saturated version of NS-015 Turquesa. It is a vibrant striking semi opaque blue. When oxidized, Intense Blue Green yields a rich smoky blue strike. When worked in a neutral environment NS-038 produces bright metallic greens. When reduced, this colour produces hazy grey tones. It looks great when cased with clear, and try layering NS-005 over the surface. To make the strike even more vibrant, back NS-038 with NS-054 Star White.

Northstar Boro Blue Caramel Full Rod

Blue Caramel First,

NS-081 Blue Caramel is a lush high intensity silvery striking colour. If worked in a super oxidizing flame it will yield smoky blues and greens. If reduced it provides the user with an extremely silvery tan colour. If encased, the colour turns to be a brilliant metallic green. It is easy to work and is well suited for stringer applications and blown work. Try layering NS-066 Sublime over the surface for a wonderful green effect!


Northstar Boro Berry Gumbolt Odd Full Rod

NS-103 Berry Gumbolt is a fully opaque saturated dark blue. It is well suited for stringer application and blown work. It is not susceptible to reduction and is not flame sensitive. For best results keep it in a neutral flame. It is a great backing for such colours as NS-14 Irrid and NS-15 Turquesa, and goes well with NS-63 Canary.

Northstar Boro Aurora Large Frit

A 50grm bag of Aurora Large Boro Frit.


Northstar Boro Amber/Purple Full Rod

Amber Purple First,

NS-026 Double Amber/Purple is the more intense version of NS-013 Amber/Purple. It produces the most exciting metallic purples and vermilions. It behaves similarly in the flame as regular Amber/Purple but because of its greater intensity more care has to be taken to prevent reduction. Double Amber/Purple can be stretched further and can be blown relatively thin without losing the vibrant purple strike. Be sure to try layering Double Amber/Purple over NS-081 Blue Caramel.


Northstar Boro Amber Purple Odd Full Rod

Amber Purple Odd

The colour can produce pale yellows to ambers to a deep purple. To yield the most vibrant purples, work in a hot neutral to slightly oxidizing flame. Reduction will affect the strike. Try encasing your favourite Amber/Purple with NS-032 Violet, or NS-031 Lavender. To enhance NS-013 Amber/Purple try backing it with NS-054 Star White.