Northstar Boro Periwinkle Small Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Periwinkle

Northstar Boro Periwinkle Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Periwinkle

Northstar Boro Opaque Aqua Full Rod

NS-126 Opaque Aqua is a very nice opal blue green colour. It is well suited for stringer application and blown work. NS-126 Opaque Aqua will enhance your art because it has a really nice appearance and colour.

Northstar Boro Opaque Aqua Full Rod

Opaque Aqua First,

NS-126 Opaque Aqua is a very nice opal blue green colour. It is well suited for stringer application and blown work. NS-126 Opaque Aqua will enhance your art because it has a really nice appearance and colour. It is not susceptible to reduction and is not flame sensitive. For best results keep it in a neutral flame.

Northstar Boro Nile Full Rod

Nile First

NS-089 Nile is a unique organic version of our NS-013 Amber/Purple. It yields rich earthy tones and burnt amber hues. It is well suited for blown and sculptural applications, but it is not saturated enough for thin stringer applications. It is also useful as an overlay colour. When working NS-089 Nile use a hot oxidizing flame. It can be flame or kiln struck to yield a rich “glazed pottery-like” finish. It is also interesting to note that when this colour is coiled, the coil lines are virtually unnoticeable and it yields a truly uniform surface. Be sure to try it over you favourite opaque.

Northstar Boro Mystery Aventurine Full Rod

NS-078 Mystery Aventurine is a brilliant aventurine colour that strikes to deep purples and reds. When thinned it turns a pale yellowish amber. Mystery Aventurine is well suited for blown work and stringer application. It is not overly sensitive to reduction and is best worked in a hot neutral flame. For the best strike, kiln striking is the way to go. When using this colour heavily encased keep work time to a minimum and kiln anneal thoroughly. Mystery Aventurine looks great over NS-076 Onyx and NS-054 Star White.

Northstar Boro Multi Full Rod

NS-03 As suggested by this color’s name, there are numerous exciting effects that can be yielded from NS-03 Multi. If you are new to the world of striking colors, Multi is a great forgiving start.

Northstar Boro Midnight Small Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Midnight


Northstar Boro Mauvelous Full Rod

Mauvelous First

NS-142 Mauvelous also derived from our attempts at earth tones formulated without using cadmium metals as colourant.We are happy to present this beautiful mauve colour to our artists as a tool to explore creativity. As with many opaque colours this glass can suffer from boiling issues if poushed too fast or hot, so let the heat sink in for best working results.


Northstar Boro Maple Syrup Full Rod

Maple Syrup First

NS-141 Maple Syrup is a colour Northsatr has reached back into the history books for.Originally discontinued from our palette as NS-42 Cinamon, we have brought back this transparent brown with a reformulation to decrease air content and homogenize the colour.


Northstar Boro Lucy Full Rod

Lucy, the newest colour to make it into production at Northstar glass is ready to roll! This colour works best in oxidizing and neutral flames.

Lucy is clear with very few air inclusions, and when worked it remains quite clear in normal lighting. Under uv lighting Lucy is a very intense hot pink!  A very stable colour to add to the uv pallet.  Lucy works great on the surface and can also be worked under clear.  Fantastic for blown and sculpted applications.  My favourite use of Lucy, is layering it over all other colours to create unique blends! 


Northstar Boro Lucy Fine Frit, 50grm

A 50grm bag of Northstar Lucy Fine frit.

Northstar Boro Lokis Lipstick Full Rod

Lokis Lipstick First,

NS-132 Lokis Lipstick is a silver striking colour. It is a close companion to NS-13 Amber Purple but with a little more control of the colour strike. Work NS-132 Lokis Lipstick in an oxidizing flame to achieve the most vivid colour range. It can be struck in the torch or in the kiln. You can achieve colours that look like gold and silver fume as well as deep purples. If reduced enough, it will yield creamy yellows and whites. NS-132 Lokis Lipstick works well in all applications. It is quickly becoming a must in the artist’s palette.

Northstar Boro Loch Ness Full Rod

Loch Ness First,

NS-098 Loch Ness is a dark opaque, sparkly dark green that can be used in virtually any application. Best if worked in a neutral to oxidizing flame to achieve optimum results. Extended annealing tends to bring out a golden hue in this colour.


Northstar Boro Light Oregon Grey Full Rod

NS-096 Light Oregon Gray further compliments Oregon Gray to fill a void in the borosilicate palette. It is an atmospherically stable opal. Work slowly in a soft, unfocused flame to prevent surface scarring. Once melted in smooth, heat can be soaked in more rapidly

Northstar Boro Light Cobalt Full Rod

NS-019 Light Cobalt is the least saturated of the four shades of cobalt blue Northstar produces. Because it is the least intense it can be worked in any flame without altering the colour. It is not for thin blown work, but it is the ideal overlay colour. By encasing opaque colours or saturated striking colours with NS-019 Light Cobalt Blue numerous new effects can be created.

Northstar Boro Light Blue Amber Purple

Light Blue Amber Purple

NS-048 Light Blue Amber/Purple is the least saturated of the five Amber/Purple colours Northstar produces. It yields a light purplish blue strike. Work in a hot neutral to slightly oxidizing flame. Reduction will affect the strike. Light Blue Amber Purple is not well suited for thin blown work but best suited for sculptural applications. NS-048 Light blue Amber/Purple looks great over NS-054 Star White and NS-081 Blue Caramel

Northstar Boro Lava Full Rod

Lava First,

NS-064 Lava is a bright intense opaque orange. It is very bright and well suited for stringer application and blown work. It is not terribly sensitive to flame chemistry but stay out of overly reducing flames. Lava however is heat sensitive so it must be worked carefully to prevent boiling. Encasing with clear is another method to shielding the colour, but not necessary. Lava can be easily worked on the surface and will not boil or scar if worked carefully in a soft flame. A nice colour effect to try is a layer of NS-007 Ruby over NS-064 Lava.


Northstar Boro Jet Black Small Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Jet Black

Northstar Boro Jet Black Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Jet Black

Northstar Jet Black Full Rod

1 x Full length of Northstar Jet Black, 6.5mm dia x 460-475mm long

Northstar Boro Jade Small Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Jade

Northstar Boro Jade Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Jade

Northstar Boro Irrid Full Rod

NS-014 Irrid is the least saturated of the transparent striking colours. When oxidized it produces a silvery transparent metallic blue. When reduced, NS-014 Irrid turns a light sea green colour. Irrid can be worked hot and is another forgiving striking colour. Try layering it over an opaque to yield new effects.

Northstar Boro Ice Blue Odd Full Rod

NS-070 Ice Blue is a lush copper blue that has an unrivalled eye catching appeal. It is a light transparent colour but it adds great optical depth even in thin layers. It is not suitable for stringers or cane work, but it is great for sculpture and blown work. Its effect as an overlay colour is impressive. When added over NS-045 Blue Moon, it produces a very appealing blue! To keep Ice Blue from dulling or discolouring, work in an oxidizing flame. If worked in a neutral to reducing flame the colour will darken and develop reddish brown striations in the body of the glass