Smiths Little Torch and Accessories

We only supply genuine Smith's Little Torches, stands and tips supplied direct from the manufacturer , these are supplied with UK fittings.

The Smith's Little torch is the best jewellery torch and is perfect for all you jewellery demands , join it with our oxygen concentrators for the perfect kit.

All glass lampworkers can use the Smith's to get into ting angles when sealing tubes , blowing out glass or cleaning up joints as well as creating fine sculpture pieces.

This torch stand is made by Smith Equipment, a heavy solid metal stand that can be placed on the workbench to hold the Smith Little Torch, metal base comes with pre-drilled holes for storage of up to 7 tips and numbered for tips #2-7.

Just a twist of the wrist removes the torch from the magnet. Magnetic clip mounts easily on Little Torch body.


Smith Twin Flame Torch Tip #4 Model 12-1402-04 Jewellery Making Metal Soldering

                                        Smith® tip #4 has a guaranteed needle point flame to do intricate work. For use with any fuel gas.

                                                                                   Gas Pressures (PSI): Oxygen: 5, Fuel: 5.

Smith Little Torch Propane Gas Heat Tip Model 13-717 jewellery soldering
Smith® special-purpose orifice 6" in length designed to form a larger heating zone. They may be used for melting up to 3 oz. of gold or silver.
Maximum temperature of flame is 6000°F.
gas splitter (2)

Ideal if you want to run your Sievert torch and Smiths Little Torch on the same single cylinder and reduce costs as well as saving space.Approx fitting time is less than 5 minutes .

Includes all the clips and hose tails needed.

 This connector will connect from the oxy-con hose to the Smiths Little Torch as long as you have a standard UK thread fitting on the Smiths Little Torch.

This is a kit containing propane regulator , propane flashback ,5mtr of propane hose and a propane connector to attach you Smiths Little torch too , we will join it together and

This kit is ideal for using with a Smiths Torch and is perfect threads for UK threaded torches.