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Astrid Riedel Workshop 15th - 18th April 2021

Venue - Tuffnell Glass Studios, Rudston , East Yorkshire, YO25 4UD

Date - 15th,16th, 17th &  18th April 2021

Time - 10am -5pm

Class level - Intermediate

8 students per class - 6 spaces available.

Astrid Riedel, flamework artist since 2003.

I live in Pretoria, South Africa with my husband and children and dog :)

My first love was jewellery manufacturing and design, I finished my apprenticeship with the highest result in South Africa in 1986 and was awarded the highest honour from the minister of labour. But then after many years I found glass and my passion shifted to making beads. I haven’t looked back. You might wonder why I don’t incorporate the jewellery part with my beads… well I just lost the passion for it and it takes a lot of time away from making beads. I have a strong tendency to focus on one thing at a time. My early years in glass were spent much by myself, with little help or knowledge available to me. But as time passed the internet became a great source for ideas, knowhow and a platform to show my beads, which eventually lead to being asked to teach!

Locally I started teaching after about three years of making beads. The bead scene was only starting then in SA . I have been teaching internationally since 2010 and this has been a very big part in my life now for many years now. I have met and seen many places I would never have gone to otherwise and so new opportunities have come along with something that started out as a hobby.

3D Spiky Implosions and Spiral Art Beads,2 day Workshop 15th /16th April 2021

8 students per class - 0 spaces available.

Full payment for class

Level - Intermediate

Deposit for Astrid Riedel 3D Spiky Implosion Beads Workshop

2 day class on the 15th & 16th April 2021

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Astrids Riedel Marble Bead Pendant Weekend Workshops 17th - 18th April 2021

8 students per class - 0 spaces available.

Full payment for class


Deposit for Astrid Riedel Marble Bead Pendant Class Weekend Workshop

Deposit payment for Astrid Riedel Marble Bead Pendant Class  17th - 18th April 2021