jennie lamb

Jennie Braid Lamb - A Weekend of making Wearable Art Glass.

Venue - Tuffnell Glass Studios, Rudston , East Yorkshire, YO25 4UD

Date - 13th & 14th July 2024

Time - 10am -5pm

Class level - Beyond Beginners                                                     


Tea & coffee are provided free of charge throughout the day, there will be a 30 minute lunch break .

Please bring your own eye protection, all glass , tools , mandrels and torches are provided. If you need a creation station or any other special tools please let us know before the class so we can arrange these items for you.


One of the reasons glass is medium of choice is the ability to allow a depth of design which is not achievable in most other arts. It is this that keeps me interested and absorbed with melting glass. I had my first class in 2009 and not looked back since and I now work with glass full time. I live on the coast in North Devon, UK on a tidal river estuary and close to the sea and, like a lot of artists, my work is heavily influenced by the ever changing landscapes and tides, the colours and foliage that the seasons bring.  It is the three dimensional quality of glass that really fascinates me.  My Beads are award winning, one of a kind pieces. Each one is made with love and most are influenced by the coastal area I live and walk in




Wearable Art Class with Jennie Lamb

2 day class on the 13th-14th July 2024


10 students per class - 

7 spaces available, 

Full payment for class       



Deposit for with Jennie Lamb

2 day class on the 13th & 14th July 2024

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