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Trio Press



The trio press is great way to have three different sizes of a design to try with the same press.


Large Pillow, Nuggett & SS Lentil Press



Crystal Trio Press


Lentil Trio Press 12mm , 15mm , 18mm

Lentil Trio Press 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

Nugget,Lentil & Pastile Press


Nugget, Pastille & 3d Heart Trio Press


3D Heart Duo Press Vertical/Horizontal Mandrel


3D Heart Trio Press Horizontal Mandrel


3D Heart Trio Press Vertical

Straight Sided Lentil Trio Press

Straight Sided Lentil Trio Large Press

Lentil Trio Press 18mm, 22mm, 25mm


Straight Sided Lentil 18mm,22mm & 26mm

This Straight Sided Lentil Trio Press allows all three sizes of lentil to be made . The 3 sizes are

 , 18mm dia x 6.5mm ,22mm dia x 7mm & 26mm x 8.5mm

Sweetie Triangle Trio Press


HexTrio Press


Lentil , Pastel, Square Trio Press

A trio designed press of a lentil 20mm dia x 8mm deep , a pastel shape 20mm dia x 7mm deep and a square 20mm sq x 10mm deep


Nugget, Pastel, Heart Trio Press

A trio designed press which has a nugget 16mm wide x 19mm long , a pastel 15mm x 8mm deep and a flat heart 24mm x 8mm deep.