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Marble Moulds/Tools

Made from the best quality graphite these USA manufactured tools are designed for marble making and shaping .


Mini Monster Marble Mould

A great  "Mini" Monster marble mould , 5 holes 13mm , 16mm , 19mm , 26mm & 32mm . The Mould itself measures 75mm dia x 25mm thick and including the handle is 260mm  long.


The handle is silicone sleeved for extra comfort.


Monster 10 Hole Marble Mould

This new mould from Weaver Tools in the USA has 10 marble moulds , 12mm , 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 19mm,22mm, 25mm, 35mm, 42mm & 50mm. All the moulds are on one side and the other side can be used as a marver , the graphite mould measures 110mm x 110mm x 50mm deep and the mould sizes are engraved on the side of each mould , with a sturdy handle the overall length is 315m long.

Monster 12 Hole Marble Mould

As used by Glenn Godden during his marble classes at Tuffnells this year(the picture is back and front,you only get 1 mould)

Vessel & Marble Grabber

1" -1 3/4" sprung marble and vessel grabber.

Graphite Marble Paddle,2 hole

Metal Handled Graphite Marble Paddle , 2 marble moulds.