Details on lessons and renting torch time and studio.

The bead making lessons are a one to one tutorial taken by Teresa, Becci or Martin.
We use a Nortel Minor Burner and a mixture of all of today's popular glasses and foils to teach you lots of different ways to make beads.

We can teach any level of Beadmaking taking you through the basics of a beginner or taking you that step further playing with Nichrome, foils or reduction glass effects.

We can also demonstrate how to use a hothead torch and show you how to set up a torch
so you can go home and set up one for yourself.

The lessons are £30.00 per hour and you can have as many as you like. Just contact us for a date.

Included in the class is a break for tea/coffee and lunch breaks if needed with longer lessons.


Glass Bead-Making Lessons


Studio Torch Time,Morning

Morning,3 hours

9am -12pm


Studio Torch Time,Afternoon

Afternoon,5 hours

12pm - 5pm


Studio Torch Time,Full Day

Full Day,8 hours

9am -5pm