Creative Collections

A page that allows you to buy specially selected packs of glass. Please note: colours may vary depending on stock levels.

The Autumnal Collection

We have put together the perfect combination of autumnal colours with browns and ambers in both opaque and transparent.

Only 20 packs available.


Reichenbach Mystic Collection


Reichenbach Pearl & Iris Collection

The Inspirational Collection

A new unique collection of Reichenbach glass rods .

The Collection

The new unique collection of Reichenbach glass rods .

The Summer Scorchers Collection

20 rods in total

Cool Blues

A huge collection of 104coe blues.Includes transparents and opaques.

Eat Your Greens Collection

A huge collection of 104coe greens.Includes transparent s and opaques.

Woodland Selection

This selection reminds us of woodland greens and ambers . There is a stick of each of Effetre yellow borlottii, marc pastel, moss green , green cave, light umba, wood, turqoiuse grey and 2 thin sticks of antique pastel.

Critter Collection

Emma says,

"If i could only choose a handfull of colours to create my critters then this would be it. The red , ming and clockwork are great for a wide range of creatures from monsters, aliens and masks to fish,birds and bugs.The magic is perfect for creating a more natural looking critter. I often use it as a base for owls, chickens and cats. The stringers are perfect for making eyes , lips and any other detail you think your critter needs."

Think Pinks

A huge collection of 104coe pinks and purples

Opaque Mixed 1/2 Kilo

Randomly mixed kilo of effetre glass rods. Mix will include between 10-15 rods.

Opaque Mixed Kilo

Randomly mixed kilo of effetre glass rods. Mix will include between 40-50 rods.

Effetre Transparent Coloured Rods 1/2 kilo

Effetre Transparent Coloured Rods 1 kilo